Workplace review sites like Glassdoor are hugely helpful for people looking for info about what a company is really like. JobHunch founder Tobi Gbemisola saw a space in that market in Nigeria and jumped in to build JobHunch, which allows people to leave anonymous reviews of their workplaces or look for new roles. Tobi told us about JobHunch’s strong start and how he hopes to expand nationally, then globally.

Tell us about your app and what it does.

The app is called JobHunch. It helps job seekers read reviews of the remuneration, interview process, and work culture of the companies they would like to work in and lets employees write anonymous reviews of their present and past workplaces. JobHunch has features that help improve the job search process, such as a job board and a Q&A section that can be used to ask questions about companies. I built and launched it in 2021 to showcase reviews of companies in Nigeria when I observed that most Nigerian companies don’t have reviews on job review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

Current features on the homepage
Current features on the homepage

How does your app work?

In the current iteration of the app, a user can take a number of actions. From the landing page, they can start their journey by signing up or logging in if they’re an existing user. They can sign in using their email address, Google account or LinkedIn profile. When signed in, a user can submit reviews and ask questions. There is also a job board that directs interested candidates to the websites of companies with the open roles. On the review homepage, users can either click to see more about a company, write a review, or ask a question. On the company page, they can see reviews, jobs, and questions about the company. We currently have about 50+ companies listed. Users can also search for companies and jobs.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

After I received an undergraduate degree in psychology in 2015, I spent over seven years pursuing a career in marketing, with a focus on content marketing. Since that time, I’ve been a generalist with various experiences and skills. I picked up some coding skills in 2017 but I couldn’t do much with them at the time because of my career in marketing and the demands of the job. Sooner than later, I started to consider switching careers. I opted to go for Product Design. In 2019, I had an idea to build an experience marketplace that connects fun and adventurous people with service providers. However, I realized that I needed coding skills to build the platform. I began by using Google Forms and spreadsheets to sign up vendors and users. It wasn’t very efficient or easy to onboard businesses. Along the line, I found an advertisement by Bubble while scrolling through Instagram in 2020. So I decided to learn more about it, and that was how I got started in no-code. I designed the user interface for the marketplace platform and carried over the designs to Bubble. I was able to launch a functional app within two months after watching lots of tutorials on YouTube and asking questions on forums.

Users can create a review, ask questions, and view a company’s reviews

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

Bubble seemed like the best choice after weighing it in contrast with other no-code tools. It has just the right features we need at this stage of the product. Its pricing is affordable, which helps to keep costs relatively low. I could not hire developers at the start because of the high cost of working with one. Spending that much would have killed the idea before it

launched. Another consideration was the support from the Bubble community everywhere—the Bubble forum, Discord channels, Twitter and personal contacts. People in the community are usually more than willing to render their assistance in resolving issues and providing support while building with Bubble.

Have you hit any milestones with JobHunch?

We recently got featured by Betalist. Also, I got into an accelerator program with the most basic version of the app (the version prior to this current one, which was built with the Canvas template). We’re looking to achieve more and reach certain milestones before the end of the first year of launch.

Users can find jobs and apply from the job board

What are your future plans for your app?

We will be adding lots of new features that allow users to find great companies and jobs easily. There will be a way to anonymously disclose their salaries and share interview knowledge with other people. We will also be working to add more opportunities to the job board that stretch beyond Nigeria to other parts of Africa and the world. Our ultimate goal is to find product-market fit and solve key problems in the job markets, locally and globally.

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