We asked Actiwity founders, Dr. Ing. Michal and Jana Kümmel, about building an app that enables parents and caregivers to turn children's boredom, unused potential, and tiredness into quality time through learning. Michal and Jana are parents of three children, play enthusiasts, and curious entrepreneurs. They chose Bubble because it offers all of the features necessary to build their own web app without having to code.  

Tell us about your app and what it does.

The mission of actiwity.com is to turn boredom, unused potential and tiredness into quality time with children, learning through playing and laughing a lot!

We would like to encourage parents and caregivers to be more creative using simple means and to exchange their ideas and best practices. That’s why we have launched an open-source platform for activities and games for children.

A play is an integral part of children's development and helps to develop physical, social and emotional skills. What’s more, it helps to bond within the family or a group.The focus is on featuring really good, useful and irresistible activities, plays and games without screens, props or requisites. We call them ‘Actiwities’.

actiwity.com's mission is to turn boredom, unused potential and tiredness into quality time with children, learning through playing and laughing a lot.
actiwity.com's mission is to turn boredom, unused potential and tiredness into quality time with children, learning through playing and laughing a lot.

How does your app work?

Parents, caregivers or children may (1) find activities for various purposes: e.g. just to have fun, learn math playfully, learn something about oneself, quiz games etc., (2) request activity for a specific purpose, which is not yet in the platform database, (3) add an activity, (4) extend activity description (for whom, how long, what age, what purpose, what context) and meta-tags of activities (hashtags describing the purpose and typical context of activity) and (5) review activities in order to promote the best ones and to set a quality benchmark.

Parents, caregivers, or children can find various activities of different purposes.
Parents, caregivers, or children can find various activities of different purposes.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

Bubble was recommended to me by one of my day-job colleagues when I was seeking tools for early phase product development that allow more functions than wireframes and click dummies, yet without having to spend too much time coding.

Actiwity founders, Dr. Ing. Michal and Jana Kümmel
Actiwity founders, Dr. Ing. Michal and Jana Kümmel

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

We see Bubble as a tool for starting new online ventures, rapid prototyping and iterative learning.

Especially in the initial stage of a project, Bubble allows founders like us to verify ideas quickly by creating 80% of the content in the first 20% of the time and not vice versa. And that is liberating as compared to the traditional way of finding coders to be able to focus mainly on the project, product development and creating value. For instance, we are able to modify our prototype in real-time based on the feedback we receive and test it immediately. And above all, the Bubble community is awesome and helpful.

Thank you for democratizing and liberating software product development!

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

We have started actiwity.com as a new open-source platform for and by playful parents, caregivers and children. Built in very early morning hours. Out of desperation, curiosity and love. See the 1-minute introduction video.

The main success so far has been a successful development and launch of the app. Since November 2019, we discovered bubble and November 2020 when we launched the Actiwity app became highly relevant. Off-screen activities, having fun and learning by playing games became sought after in the time of corona pandemic. We are constantly improving and asking for feedback in order to create a useful and valuable platform.

What are your future plans for your app?

This year we focus on promotion. Our plans for the future are to find more core users who will contribute by adding, reviewing and using the app frequently. We would like to provide more content and work on adding Covid-safe plays, games and activities.

We plan to add new features like activity radar, hashtag purpose radar, add audio and video activities. We are also open to exploring crazy ideas like AI creating activities, experiment with a more playful way of presenting activities and extend to a version for business purposes such as retreats, get to know the team. Also, we strive to get our homework done – like search engine optimization, page load speed and user interface.

For future development, we love to receive feedback by asking the following questions: What was your first reaction when you opened saw actiwity.com? How did it feel? What did you like? And what would you do differently? We would like to support other projects in return.

We are currently looking for volunteer content creators, reviewers, testers, financial supporters and mentors. Let us know how and why would you like to join for a while.

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