We asked airyPRM founder, Brennon Martin, about building an app that helps individuals create, track, schedule and manage actions with their contacts. Brennon is an independent contractor in software design and full-cycle product development for several large corporations and start-ups. He built airyPRM to create, track, and manage his connections. He decided to build his app using Bubble because the no-code platform provides a "full-feature web development environment," and the option to build a native mobile app.

Tell us about your app and what it does.

Brennon Martin: airyPRM is a “personal relationship manager” for job seekers, independent consultants, and networkers. It is like a CRM without the extra functions that larger companies rely on such as managing team leads, opportunities, sales pipelines, and customer support. It is a lightweight CRM for individuals where you can track contacts, schedule and record actions, and develop opportunities.

How does your app work?

When a user signs up, a sample contact is already listed to demonstrate airyPRM’s functionality. The first screen he/she will see is the Action view. The Action view shows the user any scheduled activity that is incomplete with due and overdue actions highlighted. Users can also view a list of all Actions completed in the past two weeks.

The user’s dashboard shows three tabs- Actions, Opportunities, and Contacts. Users can create contacts, opportunities, and actions at anytime. AiryPRM will help users schedule, keep track of, and manage all activities with their networks.

The user can easily toggle from the Action tab to the Opportunities and Contacts tabs.

The Action view shows the user scheduled and completed activities.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

I started my career in strategy, business development, marketing, and sales. About ten years ago I realized my love for building and transitioned into software design and  full-cycle product development roles. I've consulted large companies like Time Warner Cable, Pearson Education, Scottrade and more across a variety of software functions. I also enjoy mentoring start-ups in marketing. My ultimate goal is to join an established organization as a product leader or manager, which is why I created airyPRM.

I discovered Bubble when I took interest in no-code tools to help me build airyPRM. I wanted to find a product to manage my own networking efforts outside of consulting.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

Bubble offers the full-featured application development environment that I wanted. I initially started with a more traditional CMS but the platform didn't offer all of the features. I wanted to build a responsive web application with the option to create a native mobile app in the future. I looked around for different alternatives and found Bubble. Bubble provided everything I was looking for.

What have been your successes or milestones so far?

I announced a soft launch of my MVP on LinkedIn and received some positive feedback. A few dozen people signed up to check it out, but it is not heavily used right now. Due to the fact I haven’t promoted airyPRM yet, I haven’t experienced traction. The MVP is built for laptop/desktop only and is free to use. I plan to keep it this way until I expand on feature sets and optimize it for mobile use.

What are your next steps or future plans for your app?

My first step is to optimize it for mobile use. I’d also like to add more features like the ability to sync contacts with different platforms and import/export data. Currently, users must sign up and login with their email address. I want to add a feature where users will be able to sign up and login with existing credentials from LinkedIn. After these features are added, I plan to create a paid subscription model, promote airyPRM, and drive new sign-ups.

I have a big vision for what airyPRM’s lightweight CRM tool for individuals could become in our digitally-connected world, but I don’t plan on building a team for airyPRM. Right now I'm more focused on my career, and airyPRM is more a hobby/side hustle. If I gain organic traction or if I get approached by an investor though, who knows?

airyPRM's lightweight CRM- Bubble App of the Day

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