We asked Cuthalion founders, Hakob and Albert Astabatsyan, about building an app that allows users to offer professional services online. Users can create a professional, mobile-friendly web page with a custom domain. Hakob and Albert understood from their own experiences the challenges that freelancers and entrepreneurs face when starting an online service business. They chose Bubble because the no-code platform enables them to translate their idea from a whiteboard sketch to a fully functional web app with beautiful designs and complex integrations, without writing a single line of code.

Tell us about your app and what it does.

With Cuthalion you can offer your services online and make money - you'll be up and running in just a few minutes. Create a professional, mobile-friendly page and custom domain. Sell digital products, video calls, events, chats and appointments. Choose your pricing to get paid fast & easy.

How does your app work?

Create your Website: Use our building blocks, beautiful templates and a custom domain to easily create your beautiful Homepage in minutes. Use our social media and SEO tools to make your brand more visible.

Add your services: Offer your services by easily creating digital products, video calls, events, chats and appointments - you choose the format. It's easy and customizable.

Get paid online - fast & easy: Set your prices & get paid online with simple, seamless Stripe integration.

Manage everything: Manage your bookings and clients with integrated Dashboard – all in one place. Always know what works and what needs to be improved.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

We knew from our own experience how hard it can be for freelancers and small entrepreneurs to start their online services business. Reasons being the technical barriers, tremendous time and effort requirements to name a few. We decided to change that and started Cuthalion in 2020. After some good old internet research we discovered no-code. Since we had almost no coding experience, using no-code tools was the best alternative for us.

Cuthalion founders, Hakob and Albert Astabatsyan
Cuthalion founders, Hakob and Albert Astabatsyan

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

Choice of Bubble was a no brainer for us since we had little to no coding experience. With Bubble we were able to translate our idea from a whiteboard sketch to a fully functional app with beautiful design and complex integrations.

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

We started working on development six month ago and launched our app a week ago. Cuthalion has gained strong interest from the community of users and investors in the meantime.

What are your future plans for your app?

We plan to further expand on our main idea of empowering creative self-employed and small entrepreneurs to rethink the way they do business and find new opportunities for growth and success. Currently we are working on new exciting features which will allow our users to launch and manage their online services business even easier and more seamlessly. As a young company, we also do everything we can to actively participate in the community of the self-employed and small entrepreneurs and to promote digitalization in a sustainable way.

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About Bubble

Bubble is a leader in the no-code movement. Bubble offers a powerful point-and-click web editor and cloud hosting platform that allows users to build fully customizable web applications and workflows, ranging from simple prototypes to complex marketplaces, SaaS products, and more. Over 500,000 users are currently building and launching businesses on Bubble - many have gone on to participate in top accelerator programs, such as Y Combinator, and even raise $365M in venture funding. Bubble is more than just a product. We are a strong community of builders and entrepreneurs that are united by the belief that everyone should be able to create technology.

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