We asked the founder of goodgigs, Dale Wilkinson, about building an app that connects companies and professionals to "combine profit with purpose" in the social impact industry. Instead of endlessly scrolling through job portals, goodgigs allows users to look for corporations that match their skills and vision quickly. Wilkinson is a social entrepreneur who has an extensive background in creative marketing and production. Bubble's powerful no-code movement gave him high confidence to build his idea without serious technical experience.

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What problem does your company solve?

goodgigs is a platform that connects mission-driven companies who need help hiring, with professionals who want to use their skills for good, so together they can create social impact. Up until now, it's been difficult for job seekers to go to the one platform and search for companies and jobs that are working on causes that they're passionate about. We're making that easier, so we can mobilize a workforce to use their talent for good. There are jobs posted each day in design, marketing, tech, product, legal, sales, HR, and content. Our mission is to catalyze the social impact that these companies create, by making it easy to find talent who are aligned with their mission.

How does your app work?

Currently, there's the main feed that compiles featured gigs, user highlights, and relevant posts. Users can search the social impact jobs board for jobs based on location, cause, and job category. There are gigs posted every day in design, tech, marketing, content, sales, product, legal, HR. They can customize their weekly email alerts, so they don't miss out on the perfect gig.

Users can also create their own profile and be listed in the "goodpeople" directory. The profile allows them to show what social issues they care about, create an intro video via a "videoask" integration, and list what services they provide. Companies can search the directory by skills. Users can also listen to episodes from our recently launched podcast, GoodMakers. No-code agency, Minimum, helped bring this latest version of goodgigs to life.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

I was running a video marketing and production agency and wanted to make a shift and build my mission-driven startup. Once I settled on the goodgigs concept, I started looking for a developer to help build it since I'm not technical. I got connected with a super accomplished developer, Alec Dibble, and at the same time, I came across Bubble and the no-code movement.

Dale Wilkinson, the founder of GoodGigs, built his app on Bubble without having prior coding experience.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

When I came across Bubble, I sent it to Alec. At the time, Alec was one of the head engineers at Soothe, the massage app. Alec checked it out and gave Bubble the tick of approval. That was all I needed to start building on Bubble. Together we built the first iteration of goodgigs. The more experienced and confident I got with Bubble, the less I needed to rely on Alec. I was then fortunate enough to start bringing in revenue for goodgigs, which allowed me to bring on Minimum to execute goodgigs 2.0.

What has been your milestones or success so far?

Users have been signing up, using the platform, and giving thoughtful feedback. Our app has been bringing in revenue since January 2020

What are your future plans for your app?

We have plenty of features in the pipeline! More features to allow for community engagement, premium user profiles, and company profiles. The focus will always be on building features that help make it easier to connect mission-driven companies and professionals with aligned values, so together, they can continue doing cool work.

Learn more about GoodGigs: Website | Podcast

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