We asked one of the My Virtual Assistant co-founders, Wes Thomson, about building a personal assistant app for business and individual tasks. My Virtual Assistant users can manage various tasks, profiles, membership, track costs, and preferences for their assistants. Wes Thomson and Lindsay Thomson are co-founders of the app. They chose Bubble because Bubble notably increased efficiency by allowing the team to focus on the app's users without compromising features like user interface.

Tell us about your app and how it works.

Wes: Individuals or corporates can join My Virtual Assistant for a low monthly fee and have access to a dedicated personal assistant. Through the app, the users can create a profile, set up, and manage their monthly subscription, and have instant access to their personal assistant. They can also create business and individual tasks through the app, which their personal assistant receives and completes.

Through the portal, the user can see the full overview of the task status and edit the tasks. My Virtual Assistant’s mission is to make virtual assistants accessible to any person or company in any country. The standard pricing for a My Virtual Assistant membership is $39 per month. With this monthly amount, the clients have access to their dedicated personal assistant and 15 credits. Two credits are worth 15 minutes of their virtual assistant’s time. The users can buy additional credits at any time through the app should they need to use their virtual assistant for more than the 2 hours 15 minutes that the monthly subscription provides.

My Virtual Assistant assigns a dedicated personal assistant and users can track the tasks easily.

How does your app work?

A typical user will create an account with My Virtual Assistant and set up a monthly subscription. The app grants instant access to the client portal, and the user can book a variety of business and personal tasks, such as business invoicing, travel arrangements, expense management, and more.

The users can also create their preferences so that booking and completing tasks is as easy as possible. By setting up task preferences, such as airline preferences of a favorite airline, rewards scheme member, class, or seating, the users can easily submit tasks for their assistant to complete via the app or WhatsApp.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

I am the Managing Director of MM Creative Agency, a boutique marketing agency based out of Cape Town, South Africa. Our company and its development team have been creating websites for our clients for over two years. Many of these websites require specific functionality that would otherwise take many lines of code to generate.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

By using Bubble, our team has been able to cut down on the amount of effort that would usually go into coding a website and use this energy to focus on client needs and user journeys. Bubble has allowed the team to produce highly complex websites for various clients without compromising user interface or experience.

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

While the My Virtual Assistant team spent a lot of energy and resources on market research and the need for this service, we did not expect the overwhelming positive reaction and user feedback we received since the launch of our app. Not only do the users find this service incredibly useful, but the feedback regarding how we handle the user-assistant relationship has also been great.

What are your future plans for your app?

The My Virtual Assistant team has and will always focus on making our users' lives easier. Our team is continuously improving the user portal and employing additional Bubble features to do so. Our team is currently focusing on integrating various other popular apps that the users use, such as Calendly and Setmore, on creating a seamless environment that can run successful personal and business lives.

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