We asked Giftenizer founder, Oleksiy Matveyev, about building an app that allows users to share details about their upcoming events and to reserve and buy the desired gifts from recommended stores on the internet. Olesiy found out about Bubble through saas.do's CEO. He chose Bubble because the no-code platform enabled him to build his app quickly without having to code.  

Tell us about your app and what it does.

Have you ever received a present that you didn’t like or spent hours trying to figure out what to give the people closest to you without disappointing them? Chances are that we all have experienced such moments at least once in our lives. However, with Giftenizer, that no longer has to be the case.

With Giftenizer, you can let your friends, family, colleagues and everyone that you care about know exactly what you want for all of your upcoming events. Moreover, the app allows you to reserve and buy the desired gift from a recommended store on the internet. If you believe that you will have a hard time surprising the host of the event, don’t worry! The app will never tell the creator whether or not you have bought them a particular item from their wish list.

How does your app work?

Essentially, the app is a big social network that units you, your friends, and your family. The goal of it is to help you and loved ones pick presents that wouldn’t go to waste for any occasion you can think of. When you first sign up to Giftenizer, no family or friends will appear on your profile. So, you will need to add the people you care about.

  • Create a private or a public gift list for your occasion, and proceed to add the gifts that you desire.
  • Add your friends and family so that they can see your wish list. On the flip side, you can purchase and reserve gifts from your friends gift lists.
  • The app will instantly synchronize any changes made across your network and notify you and your friends for all upcoming events in advance.
  • All you need to use the app is have access to the internet.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

Back in 2017 I was looking for a no code platform and found saas.do. I contacted their CEO with a question if their platform will fit my needs, but they suggested for me to try Buuble instead. My project was to complex for their platform. Since then I have been with Bubble for many years and am very thankfull to the CEO of saas.do who recommended Bubble to me.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

I have a coding background, but it takes so much time to build a project from scratch, so I decided do not waste my time on the backend. Instead I can spend time for the UI and logic building. With Bubble I don't have to waste time for coding from scratch, which gives me more time to concentrate on the app's core.

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

We built a fully functional application, with all esential features, and our next step is to optimize the application, if nessesary, and grow our user network.

What are your next steps or future plans for your app?

Our next step is to share our application with the world. We have started a campaign with all major networks and we are sure users will like it.

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