We asked Tech and the City founder, Marios Kontis, about building an app that bridges the gap between universities and innovation by enabling users to create and watch events about innovation. Marios does not have a technical background but wanted to build an app. They chose Bubble because the no-code platform offered an affordable and quick solution to building their app without having to code.

Tell us about your app and what it does.

Tech and the City is about a series of events based on inspirational talks, aimed to bridge the gap between universities and Iinnovation. On our app there are two roles, the one of the organizer and one of the attendee. An organizer can create a page for the event, add speakers, gather registrations and   livestream the event. An attendee logins in our app, registers on an upcoming event and receives reminders of when our events will be live.

How does your app work?

Organizers and attendees can  sign in our app and  can create or watch an event. For the attendees there is a ‘Join for Free’ button and by pressing it they will be notified when the event is about to start. For organizers, there is an ‘Edit Event’ button where they can write the description of the Tech and the City event and even livestream it.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

As a team with no experience on coding, we had to find a way to build an app for Tech and the City without worrying about the coding part. So, after some searching, we discovered Bubble and started experimenting on the platform.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

Before discovering Bubble, we had hired some tech experts that would work on Tech and the City’s MVP ( Minimum Viable Product). The tech team took a lot of time on coding and, in the end, the final product wasn’t working for us. At that time, we had to think fast and the best solution to our problem was Bubble. The app was so easy to use, and we were able to complete the MVP in only one week!

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

By far, we have managed to host successfully two Tech and the City events on our platform and by September 2021 we will be hosting another two. Especially, in the last Tech and the City event we managed to accommodate about 700 participants without any problems.

What are your next steps or future plans for your app?

Our next steps for the app is to release an application for Android and iOS and  4 ready- format workshops for organizers to use on their events. The workshops will be self – paced and highly interactive (no instructors- deployable with one click) or with an instructor chosen by the organizer.

Tech and the City logo
Tech and the City logo

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About Bubble

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