We asked OneDegree Careers co-founders Tim Brophy and Gabe Bensimon about building their app, which helps people find and land high-paying jobs that don't require a college degree. They chose Bubble because they wanted to make their idea a reality as quickly as possible. The no-code platform gave them the ability to iterate frequently and easily.

Tell us about your app and what it does.

Our app helps people explore, select, and pursue high-paying careers that don't require a college degree. We've branded these "skilled careers" since they include the typical trade jobs people think of but also opportunities like private pilot, software engineer, or real estate agent. We're on a mission to democratize access to skilled careers by increasing diversity and helping rebuild the American middle class.

How does your app work?

Users get to explore careers in a way similar to popular dating apps, swiping right if they are interested and left if they're not. We've aggregated all the information for skilled careers into one easy-to-use mobile-first app available across all platforms. We offer live Career Chats, which are Zoom webinars about the careers users are interested in where they can hear firsthand what it's actually like to work in that career and how to get there.

We're probably most proud of the comprehensive support process we've built through the app. We not only help users explore and select careers they are interested in but also help them get introductions to top certification programs, figure out how to apply, and receive financial aid and scholarships. We even do mock interviews with them!

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

I had done some Microsoft Access database work and .NET in the past, but one of the startup programs we were part of suggested we look into no-code and low-code platforms. We explored the top four or five highest-ranked options we could find and asked explicitly about data ownership and exporting code if we needed to go beyond no-code capabilities. The amazing thing is that we've been able to scale so easily and quickly with Bubble that we haven't even looked back. Best decision we made from a tech perspective!

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

We ultimately chose Bubble because we wanted to make our idea a reality as quickly as possible to start helping people. We loved the ability to iterate weekly and with ease. Having a live version and dev version was the icing on the cake.

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

We hit our first 1,000 users this month and have had over 5,000 site visits! We also doubled the number of skilled careers on our app! On the funding side, we were one of 50 teams nationally accepted into a Techstars Blackstone Summer program for 2020, and we received $5,000 in free grant funding through that program. We recently joined Antler.co, a VC pre-seed program, as one of their summer 2021 cohort teams. We received $15,000 in funding with the opportunity to pitch for another $250,000 in pre-seed financing. We launched Antler for that pre-seed funding on December 15 and recently sent our first invoice to our first customer. Without Bubble, we could not have shown the user traction and lean startup interactions that landed us these opportunities.

What are your future plans for OneDegree Careers?

We are working with Generation T to co-produce in-house content that we'll be adding to each career in place of the current YouTube "day-in-the-life" videos. We're also expanding our team to hire career generalists who will help us support more users because it's getting crazy with our working hours. We'll be growing our career database to over 100 skilled careers and adding geo-tagging so users can see opportunities nearest to them—all good things and proof that startups really can start and grow with no-code apps. We love Bubble and have referred all our fellow startup founders to it.

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About Bubble

Bubble is a leader in the no-code movement. Bubble offers a powerful point-and-click web editor and cloud hosting platform that allows users to build fully customizable web applications and workflows, ranging from simple prototypes to complex marketplaces, SaaS products, and more. Over 500,000 users are currently building and launching businesses on Bubble – many have gone on to participate in top accelerator programs, such as Y Combinator, and even raise $365M in venture funding. Bubble is more than just a product. We are a strong community of builders and entrepreneurs that are united by the belief that everyone should be able to create technology.

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