Perri Taylor is a software engineering manager on Bubble’s Growth team, which is focused on delivering value to Bubble’s users by understanding how they use and interact with our product. She has 6 years of experience and joined Bubble in 2022.

We sat down with Perri to ask about her journey to joining Bubble and what working here has been like for her so far.

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How did you end up at Bubble?

My background and primary degree is in biomedical engineering. Though I’ve always been a software engineer professionally, I stayed in the healthtech space. When I was ready to leave my last organization, it was for cultural reasons, particularly as it related to the company’s values. I was searching for an organization that had strong cultural values that aligned with mine and a mission I felt strongly about. I was especially drawn to Bubble’s value of genuineness.

During the interview process, the biggest thing I noticed was the level of respect and trust I was shown as a candidate, even though Bubble had no real obligation to show me those things. I never felt as if the people I spoke to were trying to rush me through the process, but rather that they actually cared about getting to know me, and took care to make sure that my joining Bubble would be good for them and me.

Did anything surprise you in your first few months?

No — and that, in and of itself, was the biggest surprise. Everyone was very open and honest with me throughout the entire interview process, and no one shied away from being asked more difficult questions, so it turned out I knew exactly what I was walking into.

Describe a typical day in the life as a software engineering manager at Bubble.

My day is split between managing my team as a unit and also managing engineers as individuals. Since we practice agile, my day typically starts with a standup meeting where everyone on the team can provide insight into what they worked on the previous day, what they’re planning to do today, and any blockers they may need help with.

Later, I often spend time in 1:1s, where I work with engineers to define their career goals and discuss how they can reach those goals in their day-to-day work. I also meet with my product and design counterparts frequently — together, we make up what we at Bubble colloquially refer to as the “triad” that runs each team. We’ll discuss Growth projects currently in flight and brainstorm what we may want to work on in the future. And then a few times a week, the Growth team meets to refine the list of tasks that we’ll work on in upcoming sprints, and once a sprint (every two weeks) we get to present the work we’ve accomplished to the rest of the leadership team in a sprint review.

One of my favorite meetings is our team retrospective, which we hold at the end of each sprint — as a team, we get to discuss what went well and what we should work on as we start the next sprint. It’s also been a great opportunity for us to shout out and praise each other for jobs well done!

What excites you about the future here at Bubble?

I joined Bubble when engineering’s Growth team was still pretty young. It’s been great to watch the team expand and specialize over the last year or so. I’m excited by how eager everyone is to try out new things and help grow the team.

What three words would you use to describe Bubble’s culture?

Transparent, collaborative, and energizing.

Here at Bubble, we love to share fun facts. What’s your go-to?

A few years ago, after seeing a post on Facebook, I was able to donate my kidney to a complete stranger. Just over 4 years post-op and we are both doing great!