What is 2FA?
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2FA, or 2-factor-authentication, is a method that uses an external device (such as a mobile phone or tablet) to generate a code that needs to be entered each time you log in to your account. It is a means of ensuring that unauthorized parties do not gain access to your account even in the event of a compromised password, as they would also need access to your secondary device.
In order to set up 2FA for your account, you will need an authenticator application for your mobile device; the most common are Google Authenticator and Authy, though there are a number of them available on the app stores. The steps to enable 2FA for your Bubble account are as follows:

  1. Once logged in, go to bubble.io/account;

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Set up 2FA”;

  3. In the popup, enter your current password and click “Generate QR code”;

  4. Scan the QR code with your authenticator app > enter the codes generated from the app into the popup input > click “Activate 2FA”

  5. The popup will close and the account page will show “You have successfully set up two-factor authentication”.

We additionally recommend that you generate and save one-time codes, in case you ever lose your mobile device; the steps for that process are as follows:

  1. On bubble.io/account page, scroll to the bottom of the page into the Security section and click “Generate codes”;

  2. In the popup, enter your password and a code from your authenticator app > click “Generate codes”;

  3. Copy the backup codes and save somewhere safe > Click “Close popup”.

If you want to disable 2FA for your account once it has been set up, you can do so by going to your Account page and selecting the "Disable 2FA" option. Please do note that our team recommends having 2FA active on your account for security purposes.

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