The Immerse team is thrilled to announce our newest cohort of product mentors. As always, this is an exciting moment for Bubble: Over the last three weeks, this group has offered one-on-one technical guidance to the members of our sixth Immerse cohort, which is composed entirely of women and femme-identified founders!

The Immerse program is designed to give underrepresented founders the tools they need to bring their product visions to life. We’re particularly inspired by this class of mentors: From public interest startups to angel investors to members of no-code agencies, each mentor has their own inspiring business journey and years of experience building powerful products using no-code tools. We believe mentorship is critical to the entrepreneurial journey. That's why we matched each member of the Immerse cohort with a product mentor who we think is the perfect fit to help them unlock their full potential.

Keep reading to get to know this group of mentors.

Register to attend this cohort’s Demo Day virtually or in person at BubbleCon, being held October 24–25, 2023.

Vi Nguyen

CEO and Founder, Homads (Austin, TX)

A headshot of Vi Nguyen, CEO and Founder of Homads

Vi Nguyen is a highly experienced entrepreneur with a diverse background in media, real estate, and technology. Over the past 12 years, she has been dedicated to building successful businesses, showcasing her expertise and drive. As the founder and CEO of Homads, a home booking platform specializing in insurance-focused mid-term rentals, Vi has demonstrated her ability to lead and innovate in the industry. Her deep admiration for low-code tools has ignited a passion for their immense potential, enabling her to excel in early-stage growth hacking and idea validation. Through her role as an advisor to budding startups, Vi offers valuable guidance while actively expanding Homads through the implementation of low-code solutions, consistently exploring new technologies in her quest for excellence.

Kim Rounsefell

Co-founder, My Digital CMO (Adelaide, Australia)

A headshot of Kim Rounsefell, co-founder of My Digital CMO

Kim is the co-founder of My Digital CMO, a strategic software designed to help agencies and small businesses manage their marketing strategies. With more than 20 years of experience in software design and development, Kim specializes in using Bubble to create powerful software to meet her customers’ needs.

Brian Jagger

Artifical Intelligence and Software Engineer and On-Demand CTO, Standing Penguin (Boise, ID)

A headshot of Brian Jagger, AI and software engineer and on-demand CTO at Standing Penguin

Brian Jagger heads Standing Penguin, a software agency centered on AI technologies and on-demand CTO services. He's also the founder and CTO of GuardRailz and holds fractional CTO roles at ATHLYT and Slate Click. His technical proficiency spans AI, marketing technology, no-code software development, and film and TV production.

Harish Malhi

Founder, Goodspeed (London, UK)

A headshot of Harish Malhi, founder of Goodspeed

Harish left Google to build with no-code. He used Bubble to build a marketplace and SaaS for cooking classes that worked with Amazon, Shopify, and Spotify. No-code completely shifted his perspective on building products and led him to launch Goodspeed, a founder-first agency using no-code and AI to launch products more quickly and affordably than alternatives.

Bernadette Murphy

Founder and Lead Developer, Cedar Street Tech Solutions (Brisbane, Australia)

A headshot of Bernadette Murphy, founder and lead developer at Cedar Street Tech Solutions

Bernadette is a versatile, high-performing technology leader, skilled at taking ambitious ideas to completion. A technology consulting veteran, she has worked for over 15 years as a consultant, analyst, and technology leader. She has led large and diverse technology and business teams, working alongside C-suite executives in Corporate Strategy, Finance, and Retail, both in Australia and the United States.

In 2020, when her daughter was born with a complex medical condition, Bernadette pivoted away from her corporate career trajectory. She returned to her developer roots and began building applications for local startups and small and medium businesses on Bubble. In 2021, Bernadette created Cedar Street Tech Solutions, a low-code mobile and web solution company for businesses across Australia with a focus on women’s voices and business challenges.

José Alberto Campos

Owner, MKT Nativo (Mexico City, Mexico)

A headshot of José Alberto Campos, owner of MKT Nativo

José began his journey with Bubble in 2018 when he sought to migrate his company's website to a dynamic application that would allow him to organize his products in a database. He ended up with a system that helped him grow his business and allowed time for other opportunities. That’s when he started his own Bubble agency in Mexico. José bought half of a marketing agency and introduced a new Bubble development product. MKT Nativo extends the benefits of no-code development to non-technical users who want to implement technology in their businesses. Through the agency, José has led the development of 100 and counting applications for his clients.

Kieran Ball

Founder and Bubble Educator, NoCodeLife (Norwich, UK)

A headshot of Kieran Ball, founder and Bubble educator at NoCodeLife

Kieran is a UK-based startup founder, indiehacker, professional Bubble Developer, and no-code educator. His passion for building cool products with Bubble is complimented by his love for teaching others to do the same. You can often find him on Twitter or co-hosting The NoCode SaaS podcast.

James Devonport

Founder, UserLoop (Brighton, UK)

A headshot of James Devonport, founder of UserLoop

James is a serial entrepreneur and product leader with experience founding VC-backed startups and working in senior product roles at startups and tech giants. Today he runs UserLoop, a SaaS business built on Bubble, which helps Shopify store owners survey their customers to better understand their needs.

Michael Thaney

Founder, DevUps (Rochester, NY)

A headshot of Michael Thaney, founder of DevUps

Michael is a founder, angel investor, venture partner, corporate innovator, and startup community builder. He's currently working on launching his next startup, DevUps, a platform for upskilling developers. Michael has created apps and e-commerce businesses, including and, and currently leads innovation partnerships at Constellation Brands. Michael also helps grow the local startup community as the director at Startup Grind in Rochester. He enjoys advising and investing in startups both as an angel investor and venture partner for StartFast Ventures. Michael is passionate about providing access to alternate forms of venture capital as a venture partner for organizations like the Calm Company fund and Wefunder.

Trang Ho

CEO and Co-founder, Masafresh (Portland, Oregon)

A headshot of Trang Ho, CEO and co-founder of Masafresh

Inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka's natural farming guide, Sowing Seeds in the Desert, Trang and her co-founder Trang Sharbaugh started Masafresh to empower small business farmers everywhere. In 2020, they launched an e-commerce platform entirely built on Bubble and gained $200,000 in sales over 12 months with just $1,600 in seed capital. The team won the Audience Award at Bend Venture Conference 2020, Oregon Startup Center Challenge 2021, OEN Emerge Award 2022, and is now backed by Techstars. The team is launching a new mobile dashboard for farmers to streamline their sales operations.

Trang’s 12-year e-commerce career began with selling cocktail dresses online to college students from her dorm room at USC. Dubbed the “Swiss knife operator,” she spearheaded the e-commerce team for Newbark, an LA-based footwear brand, and later managed digital campaigns for Gap. Trang was named No-code Founder in Residence and awarded Best Product at Bubble Immerse 2021 for her work with Masafresh.

Register to attend this cohort’s Demo Day virtually or in person at BubbleCon, being held October 24–25, 2023.