If you’re looking to build a digital startup and want to prove your idea, you may be wondering, “Can I really build this myself without hiring someone to code it?”

If you’re using Bubble, absolutely. Bubble is a software development platform that enables anyone to build and launch fully functional web applications without writing code. Using a drag-and-drop editor and powerful workflows, Bubble’s visual programming allows you to build almost anything.

These are some of the most popular types of apps you can build on Bubble, featuring successful examples from our users. The best part: They’re all built with no-code. 

Custom marketplaces

A screenshot of Cuure's supplement marketplace

These days, there are increasingly diverse online marketplaces that will let you buy and sell just about anything. But if you’re trying to build something uniquely innovative, like a marketplace for boat docks, NFTs, or music lessons, existing out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions might not make sense for you. That’s where Bubble comes in. Bubble’s Repeating Groups and built-in User sign-in system will let you create your multi-way marketplace and listing pages with ease. You can even build a subscription engine to manage recurring payments. 

Examples of marketplaces built on Bubble: Cuure, a wellness and supplements company or Bitbrand, an NFT and crypto marketplace 

Try building a marketplace for yourself by signing up for Bubble for free.

Social networks

A screenshot of Airdev's Not Real Twitter feed

Today’s giants of social media are coming under scrutiny for their practices. If you’re tired of the culture of existing social media or are looking for new ways to let people connect digitally, you can build your own social network using Bubble. Building your own social network with no-code means you also don't need to find a technical co-founder, especially not one who might "Zuckerberg" you out of your company in the future.

Example of a social network built on Bubble: NotRealTwitter, a demo by AirDev.

Learn how to clone other major social networks like Instagram and Facebook with no-code by checking out our How to Build series.

Booking apps

A screenshot of CircleHome's homepage

Whether you’re a tour operator looking to sell excursions or a money-conscious traveler with a vision for space-swapping, you can build it on Bubble. Create custom booking portals to deliver quotes and manage payments. Build dynamic listings, as well as a backend portal within the same app to manage requests. Bubble offers built-in analytics and database metrics that can help you better track your business’ performance and your customers’ behavior.

Example of a booking app built on Bubble: CircleHome, the home swap startup that went from idea to funding in under a year.

Visit Bubble Academy for help along on your no-code journey.

Personal finance tools

Three mobile pages of the Much app tracking different budgeting buckets

Budgeting and invoice management tools are increasingly popular, and apps can offer people simple ways to save money from their phone or browser. People have used Bubble to build exciting personal finance tools that give their users the ability to pay off debt, manage their freelance earnings, track expenses, and more. Teams creating these tools save money developing their tech ideas with Bubble.

Example of a personal finance app built on Bubble: Much, the personal debt and community app that was featured in Times Square.

Artificial intelligence solutions

A mockup of an AI chatbot built with Synthflow AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is pretty ubiquitous these days, so why not harness its power for your Bubble app? Personalized recommendations, sentiment analysis, chatbots and virtual assistants, and image recognition are just a few exciting use cases. Whether you want to build an entire product around AI or simply incorporate AI as a powerful feature, you can do it with no-code.

Examples of AI tools built on Bubble: Synthflow AI, a tool that helps you build AI assistants for your business, or BluBinder, a tool for navigating financial and legal systems uses AI to simplify the process.

Community and review sites

A screenshot of Bubble's Ideaboard

Forums and online communities have existed since the early days of the internet. Now you can build sophisticated communities with features for your users based on their shared interests, all without having to write a single line of code. Commenting, reviews, and “upvote” systems are fairly easy to implement on Bubble, while not being possible on other website builders or tools. You can integrate it with other tools in your tech stack to track requests, customize moderation settings, and a whole lot more. 

Example of communities built on Bubble: SeeVee, the community network for creatives or Bubble’s Ideaboard, which allows users to submit and upvote feature requests — and contribute to our product roadmap.

Internal management tool

Desktop and mobile pages of Airspace's internal tool to track transit

There are plenty of project management tools out there, but maybe your team needs something more customizable to your business. Or maybe you are looking to offer people a new way of organizing their work lives with your exciting new startup. Bubble lets you build the exact tool you need for your company. We’ve discovered firsthand how building your own project management tool is a worthwhile endeavor for many teams, ours included!

Example: Airspace’s lifesaving tool for managing transit for organ donations or Bubble’s content admin tool for managing our website.

Jobs boards

 Flexiple's job posting portal with example job applicants

Finding a new role can be hard and not everyone wants to use Linkedin. Bubble lets you build a searchable and contribution-friendly database of jobs for any industry, with specialized roles for talent, companies, and hiring recruiters. And you don't need to hire any engineers to deliver a final product.

Example of a jobs site built on Bubble: Flexiple, a tech-focused job platform that also offers educational opportunities to prospective talent.

Educational tools

A side-by-side of two pages of UCL Medical School's curriculum map tool

Remote learning or digital tools to help educators are more important now than ever before. Educational innovators have built new ways of helping students of all ages, parents, and teachers organize and deliver engaging content through web applications. Entrepreneurial students from major universities are now learning Bubble to build their own web apps to enable them to try out new ideas for exciting projects and startups.

Examples of education tools built on Bubble: UCL Medical School’s educational ecosystem or Simili, the AI-powered reading app created by the winner of BubbleCon 2023’s Demo Day competition.

And more!

This list isn't even close to the limit of what you can build on Bubble. We’ve seen our creative users build everything from games to dating apps. Since it’s an open-ended visual programming tool, you have the power to really push technology to its limits. What will you build?