We spoke with Martechbase founder, Agu Rejon, on creating an app that helps marketing teams optimize their investments in technology. Agu is a professional marketing technologist and has used visual development tools for planning and launching marketing programs. He said that using Bubble to build his app has been an “absolute game changer.”

What problem does your project solve?

Agu Rejon: A free platform, Martechbase helps marketing teams optimize their investment in marketing technology. The site indexes over 8,000 marketing solutions and enriches each one with valuable company data, including location, annual revenue, size, and other useful information. Martechbase’s list of vendors reflects the official Martech Landscape, which is updated every year with the latest list of martech companies globally. The result? A unique, searchable resource that allows digital marketers to discover the right tools and methods to grow their business and overcome challenges.

How does your app work?

With 50 marketing categories to choose from, users can browse the database and perform complex searches. They create a free profile, which allows them to save tools, showcase and organize their stacks (the tools they use and are proficient with), evaluate their martech budget, identify any gaps, and save solutions privately as they plan for their next investment. Since all profiles are public and searchable, you can find other people who use certain tools and solutions, which is helpful for understanding how different technologies work together. You can even search for people who use Bubble!

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

Well, I’m a professional marketing technologist, so I’m accustomed to using visual development tools for planning and launching marketing programs. Some of the principles are quite similar to Bubble, including the way that workflows are defined (“If this, then that”) or the way pages are built using drag-and-drop features. Something about Bubble made me fall in love with the no-code platform right away.

But the main thing that dragged me into no-code is the supportive community of fellow no-code creators. There are so many amazing makers who are creating great products right now. The Bubble community and forum have been invaluable resources. I’ve met so many talented people along the way, and I am really looking forward to the future of the movement.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

One word: scaling. I have pretty ambitious plans for Martechbase that I could never bring to fruition using more traditional tools. The no-code platform has been an absolute game-changer for me, as it has opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities. What I love most? The feeling that anything is possible, which is a huge confidence boost. No longer limited by your technical skills, the future of your product is defined by your own ideas and ambitions. As a maker, that’s a huge deal.

What has been your traction or success so far?

Martechbase has proven to be a useful resource for navigating this huge ecosystem of marketing vendors. The feedback from fellow marketers has been really positive, too. Martechbase went live three months ago and made it to Product Hunt’s #3 Product of the Day on launch day. Since then, 960 users have registered and the site sees an average of 2,000 monthly visitors. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

What are your future plans for your app?

There’s still a lot to do, so I’m trying to keep myself accountable for the roadmap that I’ve planned for the app. My ultimate goal is for people to use Martechbase as a way to find out what the optimum combination of marketing solutions is for the job they need to do. I’m developing new ways to make that process much easier and painless.

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