We spoke with Reachr founder, Ahmed Tawfik, about creating an app that provides brands and influencers a secure platform for collaborating on marketing campaigns. Ahmed was previously using “ready-made” scripts for a classifieds website project and continued learning new programming techniques to advance his product. After discovering Bubble and learning to build an Airbnb clone without code tutorial, he knew that the no-code platform “was the way to go.”

What problem does your company solve?

Reachr helps people find influencers for their marketing campaigns. The platform automates collaboration by providing a workscape that the brand and influencer share. This system helps eliminate scams by ensuring that brands receive their content and that influencers are paid for their work.

How does your app work?

Influencers sign up, create a persona, and link their social media accounts. They can search for available marketing campaigns and apply for ones that pique their interest. If the brand accepts the influencer’s proposal, the influencer sends the brand a content calendar so that both parties can keep track of posting dates. On the other side of the equation, brands sign up, create accounts, and sift through a shortlist of applicants and their profiles, which allows brands to determine if the influencer is a good fit for their campaign.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

Previously, I was using “ready-made” scripts for a classifieds website project. Aware of the limitations of this method, I spent some time learning advanced programming techniques to help me expand the platform, but it just wasn’t worth the time. One day, I was reading about other scripts and discovered Bubble. After completing the AirBnB tutorial, which allowed me to clone AirBnB without too much hassle, it was pretty obvious that Bubble was the way to go. I migrated the entire platform to Bubble in a few months, adding a bunch of new features in no time at all. Check it out at PerformanceWorld.me

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

Because Bubble is awesome! The no-code platform allows me to easily add features and take the platform in a multitude of directions. Debugging is a complete breeze and designing is extremely flexible. Thanks to Bubble, I have been able to execute my vision for Reachr without too many limitations. I would recommend Bubble any day of the week.

What has been your traction or success so far?

In just a few months we have gone from zero to sixty. The platform is already profitable! I’ve always wanted to start my own company because I don’t believe that the 9-to-5 life is the way to go. Bubble opened up the door and allowed this to happen. We’re now working with multiple clients and thousands of influences from all around the world.

What are your future plans for your app?

We plan to constantly be developing new features and automating as many steps as possible. Our goal is to land more clients and continue adding measurable value with every new collaboration.

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