Bubble and Figma have teamed up to launch an exciting new integration to import Figma files into your Bubble app! Figma is a fully cloud-based collaborative design tool that we love to use for its powerful functionality packed into a beautiful interface. We’ve heard from our users that they are often collaborating on designs in Figma before starting on their Bubble project. We wanted to make it more seamless to bring your Figma designs into Bubble, so that you can go from prototype to production, all without writing any code.

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The integration is simple but powerful. You specify the Figma file you want to import, and Bubble will bring every visible frame in that file into the current app as its own page. Because the two platforms do have some inherently different capabilities, we can’t guarantee the import is 100% accurate. But, we do a number of smart things behind the scenes to get as close as we can to full fidelity.

All the different elements of your Figma design will get brought in and translated into respective Bubble elements. This means that as soon as you import, you can begin connecting workflows to different elements and have those elements interact with your app’s database. This feature gives you a giant head start with your app, allowing you to build a fully functional app faster than ever.

Full details about the integration can be found in the Bubble Manual.

By teaming up, Bubble and Figma are proud to help users make their dream web app a reality. We both love the spirit of collaboration, so we’re making it even easier to build your own idea without needing to code. Give Bubble, Figma, and this latest integration a try today!

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