We’re officially less than a month away from BubbleCon, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our first-ever user conference will be held both virtually and in-person in New York City from October 24 to 25, 2023. ICYMI, read all about the agenda here.

While in-person tickets are sold out, you can register to attend onlinecompletely free — anytime between now and the conference. We’re looking forward to connecting with as much of our community as possible, and we have a super-immersive virtual experience planned, with tons of ways to learn from and link up with fellow Bubblers, tech leaders, and experts.

To help you embrace everything BubbleCon has to offer, here’s more on what to expect when you attend virtually and a few tips on how to get the most out of the experience.

Fill out your profile to introduce yourself

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a unique link you can use to enter the event. (Heads up: Hopin, the platform BubbleCon is hosted on, works best with Chrome or Firefox. Make sure you have one of those browsers installed on your device ahead of time for a smooth experience.)

After you virtually enter, you’ll join a “reception area” where you can browse the conference schedule and customize your profile. Add your name, profile picture, and a short bio so people know who you are. You can also link your social media handles, website, and Bubble projects.

The most important thing to add is a headline — a top-level description that'll be displayed on your profile. It’ll look something like this

Think of your headline as a mini-bio, similar to the one you’d use for LinkedIn. You could include information like your title, company, and name of the app you’re building. We know there are a lot of multi-hyphenates in the community; feel free to blend and mix titles! Here are some example titles you can borrow:

  • Founder/CEO: You’re the founder or leader of a product, service, or business built on Bubble
  • Professional Bubble Developer: You build Bubble apps for clients or the company you work for (feel free to add a label here, like “Freelance Professional Bubble Developer,” “Agency Professional Bubble Developer,” or “Internal Professional Bubble Developer”)
  • Bubble Tinkerer: You play around with Bubble for personal or side-hustle use
  • Plugin Developer: You build plugins for the Bubble marketplace
  • Agency Leader: You’re on the leadership team of an agency staffed by professional Bubble Developers
  • Bubble Curious: You’re interested in learning more about Bubble and no-code development

Build a custom agenda of sessions you want to attend

From the virtual reception area, you can start adding sessions you’re interested in attending to your own personal agenda. There’s a keynote by the Bubble founders, fireside chats, community panels, and more. You can search by tags like “Bubble Founders” or “Expert Advice” to filter the sessions, if you want.

A screengrab of the Hopin platform, showing how to add a session to your agenda.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about your exact schedule on October 24th and 25th (though we recommend putting a block on your calendar sooner rather than later!). Adding sessions to your agenda doesn’t mean you can only attend those sessions — it’s just a way for you to make sure you’ve bookmarked the ones that interest you most.

Busy during a live session you’re especially excited about? No worries. If you’re registered for BubbleCon, you’ll get full recordings of every session in your inbox.

Start connecting with others

One of the things that makes BubbleCon especially exciting is the opportunity to mingle and interact with both virtual and in-person attendees through the event portal. And good news: The BubbleCon event chat is already open for business. This means you can start talking to other attendees directly in the reception room — ask where someone’s from, discuss panels and presenters, whatever comes to mind. The chat will be live during the event itself, as well, so this is a good chance to familiarize yourself with how it works ahead of time.

For example, you’ll be able to ask speakers and panelists questions (yes, from your home office) and participate in conference polls and activities directly from the event chat. See an interesting question that’s also on your mind? You’ll be able to like another comment to upvote it to the top or reply directly in the chat.

We’ll also have virtual booths you can “visit” to meet people like:

  • The Immerse Founders in Residence: Ask them about the products they built over the last 8 weeks
  • Bubble agency partners: Explore whether outsourcing to professional Bubble Developers is the right move for you and your business
  • The Bubble Sales team: If you’re scaling on Bubble, talk to us personally about how our different plans can grow with you for your unique use case

You can also follow #BubbleCon2023 on Twitter to read or broadcast insights and takeaways from the conference.

Prep for virtual speed networking

We get it: “virtual networking” might not sound like the most exciting cup of no-code tea. That’s why we’re trying something more interesting: BubbleCon speed-networking. Whether you’re an agency looking to hire Bubble devs, a solo Bubble builder interested in learning from the community, or a founder hoping to trade experiences with other founders, you can join the daily virtual networking sessions to chat about all things Bubble, business, and tech.

Here’s how it will work: we’ll randomly pair you with another virtual attendee, and you’ll have three minutes to get to know each other and chat. If you both hit “extend time,” you’ll be able to continue the discussion. Remember, three minutes isn’t very long — try to keep your intro short so you and your partner both get a chance to share.

Here are a few prompts to help spark your virtual speed-networking connection:

  • What kind of app or product are you working on?
  • How did you find your way to Bubble?
  • What’s your favorite way to learn about Bubble?
  • What’s your dream Bubble feature?
  • Why did you decide to come to BubbleCon?
  • What’s something new or interesting you learned this week?

Brainstorm questions for the experts

This is your chance to talk to the internal Bubble development team and pick the brains of the humans who know Bubble inside and out. In an exclusive session only for virtual attendees called “Building Modular: How Bubble Builds Bubble for Scale,” you'll hear from the folks behind the scenes. This panel will touch on modular best practices, how to apply core programming principles to your Bubble app, and even showcase a developer case study.

Come prepared with questions and takeaways from your own Bubble development experiences — it’s only 30 minutes long, so the questions with the most upvotes are most likely to get answered!

Register for free

Don’t miss out — get your free virtual ticket right now. And feel free to start coordinating with other attendees in the BubbleCon chat, the Bubble Forum, and social media!