When Fede Lorca first came to the United States as an aerospace engineering student years ago, he would never have predicted that he’d one day find himself in a no-code community management role — but here we are.

From reflections on what makes the Bubble community so unique to the places in New York that remind him of home, Fede shares what it’s like being the manager of community operations and moderation right here at Bubble.

Tell us about your Bubble journey

Flying has been a passion of mine since childhood. In high school, I decided against joining the Spanish Air Force and chose instead to become an aerospace engineer. I came to the United States for my engineering degree and stayed for graduate school, where my research on UAVs introduced me to programming.

While learning to code, I became deeply involved with Codecademy's online community and discovered my talent for community building. Codecademy invited me to join their community team, where I supported their vibrant community of programmers for several years. Ready for a new challenge, I decided to transition into the future of no-code with Bubble!

What was ‌the first app you built on Bubble?

A quiz app — the questions were based on milestones over Bubble’s last 12 years. I‌ got to demo it for team demo day earlier this month.

Describe a typical day in the life as manager of community operations and moderation at Bubble

My day starts by reviewing all new content in our community forums to make sure I’m up-to-date on any conversations I missed from the previous evening and overnight. I’ll typically share user feedback with internal stakeholders. Then I’ll start working on any ongoing community projects until lunch while attending any meetings and keeping an eye on the forums. 

Lunch at Bubble HQ is great because I get to talk to people across the org and hear what they are working on. The afternoon is more project work, calls, continuing to check on the forum, and playing subject-matter expert to cross-functional initiatives.

When you’re not in the office, what’s your favorite restaurant in NYC?

Spanish Diner at Mercado Little Spain. Reminds me of home!

What Bubble Value resonates with you most?

Fire: Bubble is very much in a growth phase currently, and I like to approach every day with full energy to hit all our goals.

What’s unique about the Bubble community? How is it different than communities you have served in the past?

The first thing you notice about the Bubble community is how invested every member is in their apps. I think it probably has something to do with the large number of entrepreneurs and freelancers that we have — it’s a characteristic self-drive to make things happen. It’s exciting to think that, in a small way, I can help them use Bubble and improve the experience for current and future users.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

Japan. Three times and counting.

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