The first months of 2018 have been very active in terms of new features. Here is the highlights of what we’ve added to the platform.

Two-Factor Authentication

Bubble now supports multi-factor authentication, both for your Bubble account and for your apps. Once you have set up 2FA, you will be prompted to enter a one-time code from you phone to log in, which provides a greater level of security. You can set this up in your account page. We support Google Authenticator and Authy to generate the token.

Two-factor authentication settings in Bubble.

You can also set this up on your own application once you are on a Production or Dedicated Plans. This section of the reference and this post of the forum cover how to set this up.

Plan for Universities and Schools

Schools and universities have always been important to us. Bubble helps fostering entrepreneurship on campuses and is used to teach programming before getting into coding.

We now offer a way for institutions to subscribe their students to a special university plan. Once a school (or a class) is on this plan, students have access to a special plan with all paid features, and the school pays for their subscription. If you are part of an education institution as an instructor (or as a student), don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about this plan.

Capacity Boosts

We understand that capacity can be an abstract concept. We have added a way for you to test a capacity boost for free for an hour. You can add from 1 to 5 units up to three times a month.

Capacity boost function in Bubble.

We also now show how many seconds your app could have saved with higher capacity, both in the Logs Tab and in the debugger.

File Manager

Bubble now has a File Manager in the Data tab. You can now see, search and delete files uploaded by your users (or yourself in edit mode). file manager.

Other news

We’ve added a few other things since our last email. If you follow the forum you’ll see the whole list of announcements and our release notes. Among other things, we’ve added:

It’s great to see our community grow and help each other on the Forum. More and more apps are launched every day, we’re grateful to have your trust and are excited to see what you can do with Bubble.

The Bubble Team