Greetings from Bubble! We wish everyone a wonderful 2018 and hope it will bring happiness and success to all Bubblers.

We’re very grateful to have your trust to build your software. The last years have been extremely rewarding, and we’re looking forward to what’s coming next.

Bubble in 2017

We started 2017 with the goal of making Bubble more robust, as a product and as a company. While we still have a lot to do, we already made very significant progress. We started expanding the team, going from 2 founders to 6 full-time team members. In terms of users, we crossed the 100,000-user bar in October!

Some Bubble apps have really started taking off. One got into Y Combinator for their next session, another one consistently gets more than 50,000 page views per day (with peaks at 500,000!), and many others have significant traffic.

Product-wise, there were a few significant evolutions (see the full list here).

  • Ability to extend Bubble’s elements with code; some Bubblers have already started selling premium plugins on the marketplace.
  • Ability to add capacity on demand as your app grows.
  • Real-time analytics to have a view of how your application is performing.
  • Expanded Data API to give full control on your database via API calls.
  • A specific plan that lets agencies conveniently use Bubble to build apps for their clients.

What is next for 2018?

We are going to keep pushing on reliability, scale and performance. As our users keep scaling, we want Bubble to remain fast and stable so that they can reliably scale their operations entirely on us.

Product-wise, we made our Roadmap public to show where we’re headed. In particular, we are going to launch soon the final part of our plugin system, that will enable running custom code as actions on the server. We also will open the commercial marketplace to everyone in a few weeks. This will help fostering the ecosystem.

2018 will also be about making the company more scalable. We started hiring aggressively last year, and we’ll continue building internal resources to serve our users better. We’ll work on our communication and user-facing documentation to position Bubble as the default web development platform.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Once again, we would like to wish everyone a very happy 2018. We hope this will be a year of happiness, health and success, and that Bubble will help you achieving these successes.