Eram Alam is a Technical Product Support Specialist on Bubble’s Success team. He works with users when they have complex, niche, or app-specific questions and helps them follow Bubble best practices. He graduated from Stony Brook University in May 2022 — a year early — with a double major in Math and Economics, then joined Bubble that fall.

We sat down with Eram to ask about his journey to joining Bubble and what working here has been like for him so far.

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How did you decide to join Bubble?

Like many new grads, the first step for me after graduating college was to relax a bit — but then the next step was to look for a job. I struggled to find something that felt like a good fit for me at first; having graduated a year early, I was eager to start my career but also didn’t want to choose the “wrong” first job. But as soon as I came across Bubble, I knew it could be exactly what I was looking for: a modern, forward-focused company with an ambitious goal and a clear vision for getting there. And the welcoming atmosphere not only helped to alleviate my concerns, but also made me feel like I had a lot to contribute.

What did you notice about Bubble while interviewing?

Having ambition is awesome, but if a company’s ambition is overwhelming, that can affect your employees. Every single interview I had with Bubble let me know that wouldn’t be the case here. Everyone I spoke with had a well-rounded, transparent outlook on the company, and honest, open interactions with me. Plus, one part of Bubble’s interview process didn’t even feel like an interview; it just felt like a conversation to get to know each other, which felt so genuine. [Editor’s note: Eram’s referring to our open-ended “life experience interview,” which is unique to Bubble.] I just had a good time talking with them, which was obviously a good sign, especially when added to everything else I’d experienced during interviews.

Tell us about a typical day in the life of a TPSS at Bubble.

As a technical product support specialist (TPSS), you’re one of the first points of contact for users of Bubble who are building their apps and businesses. As such, a lot of the job focuses on handling user support requests, which can be dynamic and infinitely interesting as a result! Whether it’s rooting out design bugs or going deep into logs to find workflow behaviors, you’re an investigator!

What’s been your proudest on the job moment so far?

There’s no one moment in particular, but the rewarding feeling that comes when I’ve helped a user and they express their gratitude always reminds me that the work I’m doing means something far greater than I might be able to fully understand. I’m not just working on random support issues; I’m working to help people continue their personal projects, businesses, and, in many cases, livelihoods. It’s a major responsibility, and that feeling goes into my work.

What Bubble value do you resonate with the most?

Like all roles at Bubble, being a TPSS means embodying all of Bubble’s values, but for me it starts with Empowerment. This mindset helps me to address users in a way that will not only get them unstuck, but also give them learning opportunities so that they can use the skills they’ve learned, directly or indirectly, from my helping them. From here, the rest of Bubble’s values follow, and I keep them all in mind to do my job, and reach higher!