Greetings from Bubble! We hope the first part of the year has been great for everyone. Here is an update about the product and the company. A lot has changed since our last email in February.

As we announced last year, we’re working hard to making Bubble more scalable and robust. We’ve also been adding quite a few features to make Bubble easier to use and monitor in production.

This month is also a very exciting month for us, as we expanded the team with two more engineers!

Real-time analytics

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable to use Bubble in production and at scale. Usage analytics are important to have a good overview of your app. We’ve added a few charts to the Logs tab, and we’ll keep adding more over the next few weeks. We currently show the number of workflow runs and the number of unique page views, over a period ranging from 1 hour to 90 days.

Bubble software showing an app's usage metrics.

Note that this feature is accessible to users on a paid plan.

For users on Dedicated Plans, we’ve added a complete monitoring dashboard showing the server capacity usage to help users manage the size of their cluster.

Collaboration and permissions

Many users have been sharing their apps with other Bubblers. We’ve recently added a way to control permissions, so that each user can only do what he’s expected to do. For instance, a user can be allowed to only modify the application, or the database, or both.

Bubble screen where user permissions are controlled.

This feature will be very helpful when inviting an external agency to work on your app, while keeping your data secure, or in enterprise clients.

Growing Bubble!

We’re extremely excited to announce that Nickhil and Kevin are joining the Bubble team as engineers. They’ll be helping us continue to improve Bubble as a platform! You can see our updated about page to learn more about them. We’re going to keep growing the team this year, in particular for Customer Success. We’re very grateful to the few users that reach out to us and recommended some great candidates (and please keep doing this!)

Extending the team is very much inline with our goals for 2017. Make Bubble more robust, stable and become the new web development standard.

Other improvements

We’ve added a lot of other things over the last 4 months. If you follow the forum you’ll see the whole list of announcements and you can see our release notes since our last email. Here is a highlight of some interesting stuff we’ve added:

  • An Element Inspector to quickly visualize how an element is connected to other stuff on the page.
  • The ability to let users upload CSV data in run mode via a workflow action.
  • The ability to use circular gradients (we need to follow design trends :))
  • A way to add breakpoints to the workflows to make debugging easier.

We’ve also entirely rewrote our user manual and reference. We welcome editors from the community as well, let us know if you want to help!