End of years are a great opportunity to reflect on what has happened over the past year, and what we want to achieve going forward. Here is how we see 2018 and 2019 for Bubble.

Bubble in 2018

The past year has been a busy year in terms of building the team and working on establishing Bubble as a reliable software providers for individuals, startups and businesses.

  • We worked intensively on performance and reliability to make Bubble apps faster and more robust at scale
  • Our Marketplace is now out of beta and many Bubblers have started earning money selling templates and plugins
  • We overhauled our branding and launched a visual identity and website design in July
  • We launched a series of webinars to help new users start faster on Bubble, covering responsive settings, data settings and the API Connector (more is to come!)
  • We rewrote our terms, conditions, and privacy policy to make them human-readable, modern, and compliant with privacy regulations

In terms of progress, 2018 has seen Bubble

  • Double its revenue and user-base. We crossed the 200,000-user bar in September!
  • Go from a team of 6 to 10 in January 2019

Our goals for 2019

Our goal in 2019 is to keep scaling up Bubble as a product and as an organization. In particular, we want to

  • Invest on scaling our infrastructure to better accommodate the fast-growing teams on the platform
  • Add a few key features that will improve the experience of larger teams that work on the same app (e.g. adding branches and the option to have different environments for testing)
  • Scale up our support team to work better with our users to improve their apps and offer better documentation
  • Invest more in our community. Our helpful community has been key in enabling us to scale as we have, and we can do more together.

New look, same great companies!

Three of our longest-tenured members of the Bubble community have recently undergone a rebrand!

  • Coaching No Code Apps, formerly Coaching Bubble, helps you build an app or business software with absolutely no coding required, using Bubble and other no-code tools.
  • Zeroqode, formerly Bubblewits, uses the latest no-code development technology to build startups and products up to 5 times faster and less costly
  • Copilot, formerly CoBubble, builds custom applications, offers on-demand consulting, produces relevant courses and helps founders ship faster.

Congratulations on the rebrand!

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Once again, we would like to wish everyone a very happy 2019. We hope this will be a year of happiness, health and success, and that Bubble will help you achieving these successes! 🎉🎉

The Bubble Team