Swedish no-code instructor Peter Nilsson served a key role in the introduction of UX design to Scandinavia. Shortly thereafter, he made the leap to entrepreneurship – a career path that ultimately led him to help others develop their own startups, which catered to a wide variety of markets. It was in this environment that he first encountered Bubble.

Today, Peter shares his story with us, and gives us his insights into what it means to help others empower themselves through teaching no-code.

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Launch your product with expert guidance and no code
Bubble introduces a new way to build a web application. It’s a no-code tool that lets you build SaaS platforms, marketplaces and CRMs without code. Bubble hosts all applications on its cloud platform.

Tell us more about yourself.

I live with my family of five just outside Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. Aside from Bubble, the only other thing I can't stop doing is sailing. We live in a beautiful rocky archipelago with lots of small fishing villages and islands. An extra bonus (starting this year) is that we'll start bringing our new dog to our trips there.

What was your life before no-code like?

I started out long ago as a real programmer. I then moved on to introduce UX to Sweden (back when it was called "human factors"). Then I decided to create my own startup and instantly became hooked. I just love overcoming the learning curve when drawing maps for uncharted territories. I've determined that app-based startups are my sweet spot, having managed, funded and sold such companies. Eventually, I ended up as a coach in the startup ecosystem. Then Bubble came along and allowed me to instantly launch and test new business ideas. It's just so much fun! So, nowadays my mission is to bring new app-based businesses to the market faster. Building an app is never the challenge, but building a business is.

How did you discover Bubble?

In the last couple of years, I've made more Bubble apps for my own startups and clients all over the world than I can count. That has led me to all corners of the business world, making apps focused on various different markets and with very different demands. Currently, the app closest to my heart is a charity that aims to bringing eyeglasses to less fortunate people all over the world, giving someone the ability to study, rise out of poverty, and contribute to the economy, all at the same time.

Why did you choose to build with Bubble?

Before no-code, learning and keeping up with all the tech details needed to build apps was just not possible. No-code sets a 'techie business person' and 'startuper' free to quickly create the app themselves, saving both time and money when testing a new business idea.

What do you enjoy most about teaching Bootcamps?

Building apps in Bubble is just so fun and rewarding. I love conveying that amazing feeling to others, and setting them free to launch their app business for real!

If you had one piece of advice to entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Launch sooner with less functionality and focus on getting the first customers. Nothing is as refreshing as real (paying) users. Only then will your learning journey begin letting you know what the market really wants.