Bubble is excited to announce a partnership with Parabola, a product that allows you to automate processes involving your Bubble app data via a drag-and-drop experience. Our friends at Parabola have added Bubble as a source and destination of data, so that you can more easily move data from Bubble to Parabola and vice versa.

Parabola is great for working with your Bubble app data on a more macro scale. It is especially powerful when you want to create more complex flows to move your data to and from 3rd party services. You can even schedule Parabola flows to run at specific intervals.

Some examples of when you might consider Parabola:

  • You want to pull some of the data in your Bubble database, transform it a little bit (e.g. filtering, calculations), and push it into a 3rd party system like a CRM, marketing tool, data analytics tool, etc.
  • You want to pull some data from an API, manipulate it in ways that are tough to do using Bubble’s workflows, and push it into your Bubble database
  • You want to pull data from your Bubble database, manipulate it in ways that are tough to do in Bubble natively, and push it back into your Bubble app

For a more concrete example of what this could look like, check out these three “recipes” of example flows from Parabola.

Note that Parabola works through Bubble’s Data API, so if you’re setting this up, please make sure the Data API is enabled and your Privacy rules are set appropriately.

Parabola adds exciting capabilities for working with Bubble data, so we’re excited to see what you all do!