We are excited to announce that Insight Partners led a $100M funding round in Bubble. Betaworks, as well as notable angels including the founders of Hootsuite, Peloton, and Datadog, also joined the round, with increased participation from our existing investors including Signalfire and Neo.

You can read more about the official news on Bubble’s Series A on TechCrunch, Forbes, Insider, and more!

When we started Bubble in 2012 as two guys bootstrapping a business into existence, no-code wasn’t a thing. We had a very hard time explaining to users how we were different from static website builders, and when we did manage to get the concept across, we were usually met with skepticism and disbelief.

Today, things couldn’t be more different.

We’ve given over a million users the tools to create whatever they want: “I can’t do this, I’m not a programmer” is no longer in our users’ lexicon. Bubble is the tech stack for real businesses: Bubble-built companies have raised their own funding rounds and processed tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

No-code is now a movement and an ecosystem, with a myriad of educators, agencies, evangelists, thought leaders, tool creators, and entrepreneurs helping each other create the next evolution of technology.

We were able to get to where we are today because our users were willing to take a chance on us. YOU shared our ambitious vision for how tech should work.

At first, it was a small handful of brave entrepreneurs, willing to bet their businesses on our tiny, bootstrapped team. As our product matured, the no-code ecosystem grew, and what we discovered is that Bubble’s community is much more than the sum of its members.

The story of Bubble is very much the story of our community, and how you’ve helped answer each other’s questions, helped us improve the technology, and built out tools and content for each other.

We’ve tried our best to repay the trust and investment of our community by being transparent and responsive, continually investing in our product and technology, and hiring a team that cares as much about our users’ ultimate success as we cared when we recruited our very first users, person-by-person, in 2012.

Our goal with this raise is to bring no-code software development from the cutting edge of technology to the mainstream. Our users today are building tech better: no-code is a faster, easier, and more inclusive way of creating software than traditional engineering.

Bubblers routinely message us to tell us that we’ve changed their lives by opening up possibilities they thought were out of their reach. This better approach to technology can be and should be something that everyone has access to.

We think the way to do this is to stay grounded in the values that got us here — a heartfelt desire to empower our users, an ambitious vision, transparency and directness with our community, and a focus on building a sustainable, long-term business — while aggressively seeking to level up our company across the board to build a world-class institution capable of shepherding this vision into reality.

We’ll consider our work done when:

  • It’s easier to build world class, web-scale businesses on top of no-code than it is to engineer it by hand
  • 95% of software is written by people without formal educational backgrounds in engineering
  • Every company that needs to be is a tech company, not just ones founded by programmers
  • Building software is cheap, fast, and easy enough that anyone — regardless of where in the world they live, regardless of how much money they have, regardless of their education level — can do it

We are excited that our investors see the potential to completely transform the software industry, and honored that our users have trusted us with their projects and businesses.

There are many ways to participate in the future we are creating. Try Bubble out; learn it via a no-code bootcamp; or join our team. Hang out with other Bubblers on our forums, or join the conversation on Twitter. There is so much opportunity for everyone ahead of us: we look forward to seeing what you create!