Nobody in their right mind would say that building a tech product is easy. And because it can cost thousands of dollars to hire engineers, more people are turning to do-it-yourself “no-code” tools that help you prototype, design and create your own product. But whether you are exploring building something for yourself or your business, such as creating your own web application, SaaS (software-as-a-service) tool, or online marketplace, it can be daunting to start. How do you hold yourself accountable while learning to build your own business?

A growing community of people are trying out a new solution: building in public. Using the #BuildinPublic hashtag, folks are sharing their product-building journey from ideation to fully-shipped product — and growing their community along the way.

What is Building in Public?

It’s a simple concept that may sound mundane from the outset, but for those doing the often lonely task of building a new product, building in public acts as an invaluable resource for inspiration, assistance, community and more.

All it takes to #BuildinPublic is to begin building, then start sharing. That's it! You don’t have to have an already engaged social media following, or know anything about photo or video editing. To participate in the #BuildinPublic movement, you simply have to start sharing.

At Bubble, we always find ourselves excited to see someone building in public using our no-code platform: not only is it rewarding to see the fruits of our labor put to use, but seeing the different tips and tricks Bubblers come up with to solve their issues inspires us to work harder and better for them. It’s the ultimate feedback loop and inspires us to build better.

Reasons Why You Should Build in Public

Building in Public does, of course, necessitate sharing publicly on social media, which for many can be daunting and vulnerable. But building in public also offers myriad benefits for builders, including:

  • Accountability. Making a commitment to building in public isn’t just a commitment to yourself — it’s also a commitment to sharing with others. Once you begin posting, you’ll be surprised how many people are eager to get your updates — and how you’ll feel committed to keeping them apprised.
  • Support. Have a question you just can’t seem to find an answer to? Ask it to the #BuildinPublic community: someone’s bound to have your solution.
  • Expertise. The #BuildinPublic community is filled with folks who have created a plethora of web apps using Bubble. Follow their journeys to glean wisdom that only comes when you know the product as well as these experts.
  • Growth. Providing folks with a behind the scenes look at your product and your unique building process has been proven to increase customer interest and loyalty. So #BuildinPublic to get a head start on any marketing efforts!
  • Feedback. Anyone who has ever created something knows just how cloudy judgment can become when your product is all you can think about. The #BuildinPublic community is full of fresh eyes and eager product testers who can share new perspectives on what you’re building.

What we love is that the #BuildinPublic movement has made product-building all the more human, showcasing the real-time troubleshooting and creative thinking.

How To Start Building in Public

There are a few tips and tricks worth noting to get started on building in public:

  • Use hashtags. Including hashtags like #BuildinPublic #nocode or #BuildwithBubble can help others in the community find your posts.
  • Follow and interact with other #BuildinPublic journeys to see how others approach both building in public and building in Bubble.
  • Read up on social media best practices. If you’re looking to hit the ground running, read up on how to make each tweet count extra. Our friend KP also has this great guide to building that we suggest any public builder read.
  • Stay consistent. Growing an audience can take time, and they’re more likely to tune in if you have more content and even more consistently on the horizon. Not every post will go viral, but you’re more likely to be picked up by the algorithm if you post more consistently.

Social media has a way of enticing us into highlighting only the most idyllic of moments. Rarely do we actually see the frustrations, the "blood, sweat and tears" app builders shed in service of shipping their application. Many people forget that even the most advanced developers in the world still face roadblocks; assuming things will be easy makes you more likely to give-up without immediate success, meaning many would-be builders and business-makers sadly quit before they even start.

We believe that showcasing the entire product-building journey — from the ecstatic highs to the finicky frustrations — is one of the greatest tools in demonstrating accessibility, and is one of the many reasons we so strongly believe that more entrepreneurs should be building in public as they begin their businesses.

With this in mind, Bubble will be putting in extra effort to amplify the #BuildinPublic movement on our own social media pages and our website. On our social platforms, we’ll also be sharing incentives as you #BuildinPublic, and rewarding those who we see consistently building and engaging with the greater building community. We’ll be regularly monitoring the #BuildwithBubble and #BuildinPublic hashtags and look forward to seeing what you all post as you start your own public journey!