Back in June, we announced the first-ever Bubble Developer Certification. Then, in October, we announced the exam was officially open to everyone. Exciting update: There are now over 100 official Bubble-Certified Developers! This is great news if you’re looking for talent to help build your app. This is an exciting milestone for the community. These devs have proven they know Bubble inside and out and are committed to the future of no-code. Click their names to connect with them for your next project.

As a reminder, the exam consists of 90 questions spanning all aspects of building apps on Bubble, from the Bubble interface to security, APIs, performance, and more. Applicants have to answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to pass.

Looking for a Bubble Developer for your project? Check out all of our certified agency partners and find Bubble-Certified Developers for your project in our directory.

Huge congratulations to the Bubble-Certified Developers below!

Aaron-Mitchell Baker

Abrar Gundroo

Adeel Raza

Aleksandr Kamenev

Aleksandr Haidaichuk

Alice Duffourt

Allen Yang

Ambroise de La Gorce

Andre Fowlkes

Andrew Vernon

Ariani Guimaraes

Arno Drost

Arthur Kieffer

Bernadette Murphy

Brad Keyes

Cameron Blunt

Christiam Muñoz Del Carpio

Djan Cano

Drake Dussault

Dzmitry Svadkouski

Emilio López Romo

Emmanuel Johnny Koffi

Eren Dik

Esteban Ardila

Eugene Kviatkevich

Evan Little

Filipe Menezes

Francisco Castillo

Gabriel Guérin

Gaby Roman

Gediminas Skebas

Geoffrey Guilbert

George Sostak

Imad Majzoub

Isaac Akhigbe

Ivan Kochergin

Jacob Singer

James Christian

JJ Englert

Johnny Lin

Jolomi Otumara

Jonas Wiethop

Jonathan Heaberlin

Jordan Loh

Jorge Del Carpio

Jose Alberto Campos Gonzalez

José Miguel Barquet

Juan Martinez-Almeida

Julián Valentín

Julie Bray

Julien Vacher

Kamil Tarczynski

Kanat Syrymbayev

Klaas Van Hoeck

Kylie Castaneda

Lorène Bergougnoux

Lorenzo D'Elia

Lucas Bennington

Lucien Tavano

Mac Koss

Mantas Giedraitis

Maria Posa

Martynas Jurkėnas

Mateus Proto

Maxime Garcia

Mike Loc

Mikołaj Szpakowski

Mohid Khurram

Moritz Drescher

Nathan Sykes

Olga Khvesko

Omer Faizal

Pablo De Heredia Pastor

Paul Harker

Paul Beresuita

Pedro Duarte

Petr Majtán

Petter Amlie

Phillipp Längle

Qiao Zhang

Renato Asse

Ricardo Alves Santiago

Robert Brooks

Roberto Guerra

Roberto Loss

Sam Morgan

Sarah Cooke

Sarah Esteve

Simon Ives

Sota Kitaura

Stefano Failla

Tassilo Vogel

Thomas Engel

Tom Wesolowski

Uchechukwu Odior

Utku Dereli

Vincent Guittet

Vishal Soni

Vitor Sotero

Vu Tran

Waleed Mudassar

Will Ericksson

Xan Hong

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