Back in June, we announced the first-ever Bubble Developer Certification, and we’re rolling it out slowly this summer. Exciting update: The first cohort of folks has taken the exam, and there are now 24 official Bubble-Certified Developers.

As a reminder, the exam consists of 90 questions spanning all aspects of building apps on Bubble, from the Bubble interface to security, APIs, performance, and more. Applicants have to answer at least 75% of the questions correctly to pass.

Huge congratulations to the Bubble-Certified Developers below!

Petter Amlie
Renato Asse
Jose Barquet
Paul Beresuita
Lorène Bergougnoux
Will Ericksson
Sarah Esteve
Andre Fowlkes
Mantas Giedraitis
Vince Guittet
Jonathan Heaberlin
Mac Koss
Philipp Längle
Johnny Lin
Mike Loc
Sam Morgan
Christiam Munoz
Pablo de Heredia Pastor
Maria Posa
Emilio Lopez Romo
Lucien Tavano
Julien Valentin
Andrew Vernon
Tassilo Vogel

Will you be next? Sign up for the Bubble Developer Certification waitlist here.