At Bubble, we empower experts in their field to build digital tools to enhance their work without needing to rely on programmers or developers. Today, we're featuring some new legal applications created by lawyers, for lawyers.

“The future of legal practice will not only involve lawyers using sophisticated software but will also involve lawyers developing sophisticated software." - Professor Houman Shadab, Director of New York Law School’s Innovation Center for Law and Technology.

New York Law School (NYLS) recently announced the winners of its HackNYLS 2020 contest, with a $1000 prize for the winner who created the best web application for lawyers, using Bubble's no-code platform.

Bubble sponsored the hackathon and students of the law school built software application prototypes designed to meet the challenges of corporate legal operations and compliance, all without writing code.

Check out the winner and finalists to see how their app ideas can one day help streamline legal practice and operations.

ClientUpdate - Attorney Client Management Portal

ClientUpdate app.

Created by: Jennifer Frank

Winner of the NYLS Hackathon Jennifer Frank built ClientUpdate to help attorneys and their clients manage shared documents, correspondence, and reports all in one place. "My app requires multiple users working together via a system of individual, unique confirmation/contact numbers," Jennifer explains. "The app was created for attorneys and clients, so both parties should be connected for full functionality." Watch her demo video for how ClientUpdate's matter management system works below:

"I have always been interested in emerging legal technologies and breaking into the field as a recent law graduate," said Jennifer, "and I know that my experience gained by working hundreds of hours with Bubble will be useful." - Privacy Laws by US State app.

Created by: Maria Paulina Samson

Finalist Maria Samson works in privacy and data compliance, and she built to collect real-time, state-by-state privacy information from a Google Programmable Search API. Her app allows people to save the info to a dashboard for later review and share with their colleagues.

"Using the Bubble platform was great," Maria said. "It was very accessible and intuitive to use for someone non-technical like myself."

Negotiation Dashboard for Salaries

NegotiationBoard app.

Created by: John Christopher Lopez

John Lopez's hackathon app NegotiationDashboard helps track salary negotiation outcomes and show salary trends. The application pulls in real-time data from the CareerOneStop API to compare salaries. "I think the app could be made as an example for other law firms to easily create their own dashboards. I initially thought to include some COVID-19 related data to the dashboard to make it more relevant in today’s climate," said John. John is also currently creating a practice exam timer (as a native Mac app) to help students prepare for their online exams, and another dashboard that helps law students manage their deadlines.

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Compliance Check

AML app.

Created by: Serene Qandil

Serene's app aims to streamline the AML compliance process for financial institutions with sortable and shareable reports. General counsel and internal compliance teams can go through a checklist tool to prepare for regulatory examinations. "I think that using tech is essential in the merger of business and law because of the quick and constant evolution of new products and needs," explained Serene. "I plan to use the skills I've learned to develop more sophisticated apps that would ultimately help law firms become more efficient, cut expenses, and provide better service to their clients."

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