‘Tis the season for celebrating the Bubble community, and there’s no better way to do so than by spotlighting the behind-the-scenes tech that helps make Bubble apps sparkle. With more than 1,400 community-built templates and 5,200 community-built plugins available on the Bubble Marketplace, the Bubble community is bursting with useful add-ons to speed up design and development.

Top 5 Bubble Plugins of 2023

5. Air Date/Time Dropper

For when you need your users to name a time and place

For the times when you want to make selecting a date and/or time clear, simple, and elegant, there’s Air Date/Time Dropper from Zeroqode. Technically two plugins in one download — Air Date Dropper and Air Time Dropper — you can add either to your project to customize their properties and match the look, feel, and behavior of your app. With more than 153,300 lifetime downloads, we especially love that this free plugin supports multiple languages and alphabets around the world.

4. Air Copy to clipboard

For when you need to give Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v a little more horsepower

Copy and paste: it’s a pairing as natural as peanut butter and jelly. With more than 158,000 lifetime installs, the free Air Copy to clipboard plugin from Zeroqode makes incorporating copy/paste functions into your app a breeze — just install and drop the the element on your page to style and set up. 

3. Feather Icons

For when you need to kick your branding up a notch

Every app deserves beautiful iconography — that’s where Feather Icons by AirDev comes in. The free plugin with more than 149,800 lifetime installs enables users to add more than 287 practical and familiar icons from the Feather Icons open-source library. Customize the color, fill color, and stroke width to match the look and feel of your app.

2. AirAlert

For when you need to keep your users posted

In traditional software design and development, a “toast notification” is a non-modal-style message that briefly appears when an event occurs. Toasts can often be dismissed by tapping or swiping them off the screen, or they may disappear on their own automatically. AirAlert, a free plugin built by AirDev with more than 252,300 lifetime installs, makes adding these notifications to your app easy and painless for an optimal end-user experience.

1. Toolbox

For when you want to sprinkle some code into no-code

Bubble’s visual editor is mighty powerful — but every once in a while, a little bit of JavaScript can help optimize a process or two. Toolbox, a free plugin created by Misha V. with more than 538,200 lifetime downloads, makes it possible for code-savvy devs to run custom JavaScript in their app. Whether you want to make JavaScript expressions available on your Bubble page or create a function that sends the function parameter to Bubble to be used in dynamic data, Toolbox has you covered.

Top 5 Bubble Templates of 2023

5. Travel Marketplace like Airbnb

For when you’re building your B&B empire

Ready to launch your own travel marketplace? Travel Marketplace like Airbnb by Pilot & Launch helps you get started faster than you can say “booked and busy.” The free template with more than 7,900 lifetime installs offers basics like “a landing page, checkout page, and listing setup for travellers to browse and book properties in various destinations, using advanced matching by city, number of guests, type of property, and price.” The template even comes with a unique set of tools for hosts to manage their listings.

4. openBuild Framework

For when you’re building on Expert mode

For Bubble users who know their way around the editor and may be building more complex apps, openBuild Framework by Tinkso offers a template with pre-configured workflows (like menu actions, mobile navigation, and triggered notifications), responsive frameworks, user management tools, and more. Designed to help Bubble pros “jumpstart” their app projects, it’s the go-to template for thousands with nearly 11,000 lifetime installs.

3. Tasky - Project Management

For when you’re building a way to build your business 

Tired of struggling to find the perfect project management tool? With Tasky - Project Management by Rapid Dev, you can build and customize your own project management tool that meets your exact needs. The free template with more than 25,400 lifetime installs supports nearly every practical user and admin function you can imagine, including the ability to create, assign, and modify projects and tasks, set due dates, upvote and downvote, comment, manage users, and more. 

2. Ez Dashboard + OpenAI

For when you’re building data visualizations with the help of ChatGPT 

If you need a dashboard, Ez Dashboard + Open AI by EazyCode has you covered. Free to use, the beginner-friendly template enables users to visually display whatever data, indicators, and statistics are top priority. From use cases in financial services and information technology to displaying internal metrics and business data, it’s easier than ever to see what matters in a responsive, customizable format. More than 36,800 lifetime users agree.

1. Canvas Building Framework

For when you’re building a business from the ground up

At a whopping 45,500 lifetime installs, it’s clear how much the Bubble community loves Airdev’s Canvas Building Framework template. The agency itself uses this template time and time again to build client projects from scratch. The free template serves as a “launchpad” for Bubble apps, offering marketing and pricing pages, built-in two-factor authentication and email verification flows, pre-built components, user management tools, and more.

Ready to take your Bubble app to new heights? Explore these plugins, templates, and more on the Bubble Marketplace.