The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms, goes a famous poem by Muriel Rukeyser, and we couldn’t agree more. Around the world, stories inspire us to act and drive change. Some of them are wonderful, other heartbreaking. They sometimes help us change our lives, and often other people’s lives as well. And they seem to be shared, more and more, as video.

We expect video on every newspaper’s’ website today, and Facebook is also tipping its hat to the medium. Perhaps you want to give your users a voice, to enable them to share their stories on your site or app, within your unique community, rallied around common core values.

Yet bringing online video capabilities to your site/app is daunting — it requires deep technical knowledge and poses challenges on many levels. It’s not just the skills, you also need huge amounts of storage, processing power and bandwidth — just ask Netflix.

We made it super easy to support video creating on your site by integrating Ziggeo as a plugin on Bubble. You can now enable your users to record, upload, and playback videos, in order to share their stories. All of that is possible without writing any code, thanks to Bubble’s visual interface.

Here is a demo page created in 10 minutes on Bubble using the Ziggeo plugin. And here is the Bubble “code” for it.

We also put together a 7 minute, step-by-step video tutorial on how to build a video community page.

If needed, inspiration is never far. Happy building!