Bubble Bootcamp instructor Mohammad “Nazz” Najmuzzaman has spent years building startup after startup. Without hiring a single developer, Nazz built an educational technology company on Bubble that got acquired within two years of operation. His passion for building led him across several sectors, and he’s used Bubble to mock up and launch a variety of successful MVPs that would have taken him far longer to code from scratch—even though he also knows how to code. He considered product management a perfect next step from his catalogue of entrepreneurial ventures. We spoke to Nazz about his years of building successful apps with no-code and what lessons he’s most excited to share with his Bootcamp students.

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Tell us about yourself – what’s important to you right now?

I am originally from India, but I live in Hamburg, Germany, now with my wife and 11-month-old son. I am a builder at heart, and in the past, most of my free time was taken up by new ideas and projects. Nowadays, most of it is taken up by my son, and I don't regret any of it. :) When not working, building, or spending time with my son, I try my best to contribute to building an equitable world for all at organizations like AFS and RadicalXChange Foundation.

What has your career path been like? Where is it taking you now?

I started off the first year of my career by building startups, the first half as a “founding intern” and the second half as a founder myself, building two e-commerce companies on the way. I stumbled upon product management while looking to do something entrepreneurial after shutting down my startup and loving it ever since. I have worked across sectors in ed-tech, SaaS, e-commerce, and marketplaces. I will be joining HubSpot as a Senior Product Manager.

How did you discover Bubble? Why did you choose to build with no-code?

I have always had tons of ideas I wanted to test, and even though I knew how to code, it slowed me down. I started to look for no-code tools that could help me build MVPs faster when I discovered Bubble in its early days. Bubble had a learning curve compared to other tools, but it had the sophistication that you could only get through code before, even in its early days. Bubble's immense power got me hooked, and I still get amazed every day by the things I and others are able to accomplish with it.

I have used Bubble to build MVPs, and I’ve mocked prototypes I could use to explain requirements to development teams. I even built a company on Bubble that got acquired within two years of operation without hiring any developers.

What do you expect you will enjoy most about teaching Bootcamps?

What I enjoy most about teaching Bootcamps is problem solving. Every entrepreneur in a Bootcamp has unique problems they want to solve for a market, and I love thinking through with them on the best ways to solve it and what the product would look like.

If you had one piece of advice to entrepreneurs/prospective students, what would it be?

I would advise every entrepreneur to NEVER MARRY their idea, and SHIP FAST. Most probably, your idea's V1 will crash and burn on its first interaction with real customers—therefore, it is important to keep shipping and learning from every iteration.

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