Sasa Janicijevic, founder and CEO of Codemap, provides no-code freelancers with easy-to-find projects. Building a platform for finding no-code jobs on a no-code platform like Bubble may seem a little on the nose, but given Bubble's robust building tools and extensive capabilities for creating marketplaces, it was the clear choice for Janicijevic.

Tell us about your app and what it does.

With a lot of amazing learning communities surrounding no-code, there still seemed to be a gap when it comes to easily finding a good amount of no-code projects in a single place - I am sure most of us are over the chaotic search for the few no-code jobs listed on crowded freelance platforms that do it all. For these reasons, we built

Codemap is the world’s first freelance platform for no-code & automation that connects clients with vetted experts and agencies. On Codemap, both talent and clients can experience a complete end-to-end project cycle, from the first point of contact, scoping & proposal stages, all the way through to hiring, project work, and project delivery.

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How does your app work?

Clients can create their no-code and automation projects for free and search through detailed no-code profiles and portfolios of vetted experts and agencies. Once projects go live, clients start receiving proposals from freelancers & agencies within 15-20 minutes on average – it’s no longer needed to manage dozens of proposals via email. Also, clients can proactively request proposals from experts they are interested in. Once the expert or agency connects with the client, they can exchange messages, upload files, discuss the project, and keep communicating prior to and after the point of hire, all in one place. Tedious searching for no-code & automation experts across the web and communicating through many different channels is (or hopefully will entirely become) a thing of the past.

Once our team vets the no-code skills and experience of experts & agencies that applied for, they obtain access to the platform and can search for project opportunities published daily. Experts and agencies receive direct proposal requests from clients and can proactively share proposals for any project they like. What we really wanted to do differently is make sure to strongly focus on attaining a high standard of talent quality on the platform and in that way acknowledge the value of talent and it being in the core of everything we do and plan to do – for this reason, we don’t charge and don’t plan to charge any fees to experts and agencies that are part of our community at, i.e. ZERO commission and no upfront (and public) bidding that drives prices into the ground before projects had ever even entered the scoping/ quoting phase, ultimately at the potential dissatisfaction of both the client and the expert. That’s not to say that clients won’t be able to have products built affordably as there is a lot of variety in pricing we see for talent on the platform already - it just means that price negotiations can be done privately, hopefully at the benefit of both parties.    

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

My background is in management and strategy consulting in the life sciences industry. I have worked for a large consulting organization for a number of years before deciding to do a 180 and move into entrepreneurship. I discovered Bubble after a very bad experience with traditional software development in my first startup where it took us way to long to get the MVP out, and when we did, it was simply too late, with the product still not at the level we wanted it to be at. I already knew about no-code at that point, but this was the push that really got me into it 100%.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

Following the obstacles with development in my first venture, I started looking into no-code solutions as an alternative. I considered several different options but after 15 minutes spent in the Bubble editor, I knew this is exactly what I am going to use to build anything from that point onward given the robustness and the extensive capabilities of Bubble. This was also the reason why we started a Bubble agency even before we got to building the marketplace – we just liked it that much and wanted to help other entrepreneurs and startups solve the same problems we had faced.

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

We have been absolutely amazed with the response we’ve had on the app and are truly grateful for that. In three weeks since our launch we’ve had tens of project posts and hundreds of organic signups from both clients and freelancers/ agencies. Most importantly, we’ve also had several successful hires made through the platform within the few short weeks since launching – this was by far our biggest and most important milestone. We believe such a response represents an early proof of our concept and validates the need for a marketplace like in the no-code & automation space. We will keep working tirelessly to enhance our product, grow and engage our community, and bring as many new project opportunities to the platform to enable freelancers & agencies to have full project pipelines and grow their businesses successfully.

What are your future plans for your app?

As for our roadmap, in the next months we will be focusing on deepening interactive features on both ends of the marketplace, introducing educational pieces as well as prioritizing “nice-to-have” aspects for both clients and talent to run projects through in an even more streamlined and straightforward manner.

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