We spoke with Theo Jobs founder, Christopher Lee, about building an app that helps people find remote design jobs. Chris is a designer himself and has worked as a design lead for a number of startups. Bubble’s no-code visual web editor was a game-changer for Chris’ to design his own product.

What problem does your project solve?

Christopher Lee: When I was working as a design lead for a Series A startup, I spent a ton of time thinking about where I could place job postings to maximize visibility without paying a ton of money. Six months ago, I encountered the opposite problem: I was looking for a remote job and spending three to four hours per day combing through job boards. I would have paid somebody to list every posting in one place, so I figured that other people would pay me to create a job board for remote design positions.

How does your app work?

When a user enters the site, they see a list of 10 new job postings. On any given day, I find anywhere from 10-30 job postings, while most competitors find fewer. If there are more than 10 postings on any given day, I hide the rest behind a paywall. Users can participate in a free trial and subscribe to free email alerts. Those who pay for the service have access to filters, which can help them find the job opportunities that best suit their needs.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

At the moment, I am the head of design for a seed startup in the travel industry (I know, best time to be in travel). I love creating products that solve problems. Thanks to Bubble, I have built and prototyped solutions without an engineer, which is amazing. Bubble is a game-changer for anyone who wants to build an idea without pouring a ton of time and money into hiring an engineering team. I would not have been able to launch Theo Jobs without Bubble. I’ll definitely be a loyal Bubble customer for many years to come.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

As a designer, I understand how programming works, but I can’t build a web application by myself: I get lost in the syntax. Bubble is a great option for building a web app without coding. While I’ve partnered with engineers on previous small projects, I like that Bubble allows me to prototype the app on my own.

What have been your successes so far?

Currently, I have about 50 paid and 150 free subscribers. It’s not a whole lot of revenue, but I have had a month-over-month growth rate of over 100% for the last 3 months.

What are your future plans for your app?

The app’s user experience is starting to resemble my original vision. In the future, I want to include value propositions, such as company ratings from Glassdoor or contact information for the hiring manager overseeing the job that a user is interested in. Right now, I am focused on growing the number of users on my platform.

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