Paritosh Mehta & Monica Mehta, creators of YourVegRecipe, make it easy to find quality vegetarian recipes with plenty of tips and tricks to easily cook at home. Though they could have used a platform like Wordpress for their blog, Bubble's open-ended no code platform gave the Mehtas an opportunity to create their own site something from the ground up. With hosting, scaling and deployment already integrated, Bubble's platofmr made the decision to use no-code an easy one.

Tell us about your app and what it does.

YourVegRecipe is a simple and intuitive food blog focused on Vegetarian Food. We have about 400+ vegetarian recipes mostly consisting of Indian Food and Jain Food. We share tips and tricks with all our recipes so that it becomes easy to cook them at home. We try and share lists of recipes for occasions, festivals, special days, etc., and so the next time you are looking to prepare something healthy at home, do check out our site for some simple recipes.

How does your app work?

Most of our users come to the site via Google Search. They visit the site primarily to read content that is posted by us or some of our community members. They have an option to connect with us for questions they might have about any recipe, add ratings to a recipe or even contribute their own. If someone decides to contribute, we create a profile for them on the app and list the recipes under their name.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

I am an IT consultant by profession and I do have some programming, design and API experience. But I was always fascinated with solving business challenges and focusing on the business aspects rather than being just a developer. I found out about Bubble several years ago, I think somewhere in 2016 via an online article. YourVegRecipe was my first project with Bubble. I have worked on a few more projects alongside this and will continue to do so in the future. The platform made it very easy for me to not worry about development and focus on solving problems via quick prototyping / integrations, etc.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

My wife loves to cook and there are many among friends and family who constantly ask her for recipes. One day we decided why not just start a food blog and post content there instead of individually telling everyone the recipes that they need. We did consider Wordpress to begin with, but Bubble was something that I'd wanted to explore and we just decided to give it a shot. One of the reasons we decided to use this platform was that by doing a real hands-on project, it would give me the necessary exposure to the platform, understand how different things work including, integrations like onesignal, analytics, email newsletters, structured data (rich cards), etc. The more I got familiar with the platform, the more I could explore different things that I could build with it. The flexibility in design and integrations was another factor. Having hosting, scaling and deployment managed made it even more simple.

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

We are quite happy with how our app has progressed over the years. We went live in Dec 2016 and since then it's been an amazing experience. Things like the first time we had 100 real time users on the app, comments from readers thanking us for sharing recipes in simple steps, etc. - are all small wins that we will never forget. Today, we have about 50k pageviews every month mostly from Google Search and during peak seasons, we have crossed 100k pageviews too. We really don't actively work on the app anymore - It's all just out there steadily growing. This just highlights that if we implement things correctly, Bubble should perform decently on the SEO front too. Apart from that, we have managed to build a community of followers on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

What are your future plans for your app?

One of the things that I am considering is to add exclusive content behind a paywall in the future - things like healthy meal plans, food courses, etc. We are still working along the content for the same, but it is something that we might consider. For the time being, we don't spend a lot of time on this app as we are working on other things.

Paritosh Mehta & Monica Mehta, creators of YourVegRecipe

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