Update 9/21/22: Due to Peltarion's recent acquisition by King, Peltarion's team has informed Bubble that its external commercial AI platform will close to the public effective September 30th, 2022. The Peltarion plugin is no longer available in Bubble's plugin marketplace. Existing users of the plugin or Peltarion's platform can find more information of their options on Peltarion's community page.

Bubble apps can do a lot, but previously one area Bubble couldn’t help out with was machine learning. But not anymore! We’re excited to announce a new Bubble integration built by our friends at Peltarion - the no-code artificial intelligence platform that helps you build your own deep learning models!

This week Peltarion launches its plugin with Bubble. With this plugin, you can call your Peltarion models and use them in your Bubble app.

Bubble Peltarion No Code Machine learning Model
A sample no-code deep learning model in Peltarion, which you can now call in a Bubble app.

This means you can use your data set to train a deep learning model on Peltarion, then access it from your Bubble app.

For example, let’s say you’re building a Bubble app for a manufacturing process and want some help with quality control, like detecting faulty products. You can now use data you have from your past output to train a model in Peltarion, then use the Peltarion plugin to integrate it into your Bubble app. This way, a user of your app can upload a picture of an output from the manufacturing process, and get a quick assessment on whether it’s faulty. Our colleagues at Peltarion built a mini-app into this article for a quick demo.

Just to get you excited, here are some other things you can build:

  • A car insurance claim verification app: You could automate the process of verifying customer’s car insurance claims by building an app that can detect the type of damage that can be seen in an image of a car.
  • A diagnostics app: An app could enable a doctor to send an x-ray image to the app and get the AI model’s prediction for a diagnosis.
  • An app that categorizes customer feedback: You could create a live feed with customer responses and use a natural language processing model that’s built in Peltarion to tag them according to urgency or anything else you want to track.

We’re really excited to work with Peltarion. Just as Bubble aims to open up web app development to more users, Peltarion aims to make AI / ML accessible to more users.

Have a look at their tutorial, if you’re interested in building your first AI web app, and let us know what you think!

Click here to learn to build a no-code AI app on Bubble.

About Peltarion

Peltarion is a no-code platform for building AI models at speed and at scale. As an intuitive cloud-based platform, it puts AI in the hands of everyone who has an AI problem they want to start working on. Healthcare workers, manufacturers and climate scientists are now using Peltarion to solve some of the most pressing challenges of our time. By keeping up to date with the latest development in the deep learning space, we make it possible for people without a code or data science background to start applying AI. Building an AI model can now take fewer than five clicks. Adding AI to your apps has never been easier. Ready to see for yourself?

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