In an age where everyone is vying for consumers’ attention, it is important to engage with your customers smarter, not harder. Enter OneSignal — you can now easily incorporate personalized or mass notifications in your Bubble app, with a plugin built by Bubble in partnership with OneSignal. After seeing so much interest in OneSignal from our users, we set out to create a plugin that makes sending push notifications from a Bubble application more streamlined than ever before!

Sending push notifications directly to your Bubble users has never been easier. To get you as excited as we are, here are 3 example workflows made possible by the OneSignal plugin:

1. Maintaining Interest

Web notifications can be a great way to re-engage with a customer who has already shown interest in a product or feature of your application.

Example: For an out-of-stock product, create a button next to it that says, “Notify me when this item is back in stock.” Prompt the consumer to enable notifications and tag them as interested in that product. That way, you can increase your likelihood of making the sale even without a product on hand.

2. Instant Messaging

For apps that have a messaging or social media feature, use push notifications to keep your users engaged in your application even when they’re offline. This is a great way to increase user engagement and retain users over time.

Example: When a user comments on a post, let the author of that post know that they’ve received a comment by sending them a direct push notification! Not only will this engage users with your application, but it will help build a community within your application as well.

3. Announcements

For big changes in your company or application, keep your entire subscribed user base up-to-date with the latest news. You can easily send notifications to all subscribed users and reach them in a way that has a more personal feel than email alone.

Example: Say you, I don’t know, released a really cool new feature on your application and wanted to let all of your subscribers know (sound familiar?). You can easily do so either within Bubble or the OneSignal dashboard. You could even set up a Scheduled API Workflow in Bubble to automatically send out the notification when the timing is right.

Push notifications are an easy, personal way to engage customers and make your application more dynamic. Bring your app directly to your users today by installing the OneSignal plugin in the Plugins tab.

To get started:

For tips on how to craft effective notifications: