From dating to engagement to wedding planning season, the lifecycle of modern romance sometimes requires technological tools to help you navigate all potential options and opportunities. Bubble’s no-code visual programming platform allows you to build complex, custom web apps without code, from a dating app to a wedding venue marketplace, to even a prenuptial agreement tool – entirely visually.

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled a few Bubble apps that our users have built for those looking for love, as well as those planning to celebrate it in their future.

But we know that romantic love isn’t the only thing to celebrate! Do you have an idea for an app that honors Galentine’s, friendship, or simply celebrating your solo self? You can get started and build your app using Bubble today!

Find Your Match with ReallyReallyWant

Really Really Want app.

Dating can be tough, and those looking for companionship are generally welcoming toward any help they can get while wading through the often muddy dating waters. ReallyReallyWant differentiates itself from other dating apps by allowing users to declare their relationship interests from the start and filter potential matches based on their preferences in return. So say goodbye to the “what are we doing?” conversation and revel in knowing you’re on the same page from the get-go.

Want to build your own dating app with no-code? Check out our How To Build a Tinder Clone guide.

Plan Your Wedding with DreamDay

DreamDay app.

Any former bride or groom will tell you there’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to planning a wedding, even for the simplest of affairs. Enter DreamDay: a no-code platform out of New Zealand that creates custom planning tools, like a check-list with common wedding to-do’s, a budget vs. spend tracker, a run-of-show timeline creator, and more. And for wedding parties based in New Zealand, you can even book and compare vendors for the big day.

Book Romantic Venues with Bellavent

Bellavent app.

For the nuptials taking place around the world, Bellavent is a one-stop shop for booking all the vendors you need to create your perfect wedding day. Bellavent is a marketplace of wedding vendors who reach out to prospective couples with customized quotes based on their wedding dreams, and a great place for wedding vendors to find potential new clients. The no-code application also has in-app messaging, so couples can streamline all vendor communication in one easy spot.

Create a Prenuptial agreement with HelloPrenup

Hello Prenup app.

It may be the least sexy element of a wedding, but having provisions in place should the relationship not follow the planned course is an important part of any modern marriage. HelloPrenup makes it simple and inexpensive to craft a customized prenuptial agreement without ever having to pick up a phone or speak to a lawyer, and at only $599 per couple, is by far the least expensive way to craft such an important contract.

Make your wishlist with app.

With weddings, there are quite a few different celebrations where gifts tend to be exchanged: bridal parties, bachelor and bachelorette weekends, and the big day itself all present “present” opportunities. Instead of leaving party goers guessing (and so that you aren’t bogged down with returns), create wish lists for each event with There, you can add items from any online retailer, allowing for a list that’s more robust than most gift-aggregators allow for and the ability to include small businesses who are usually left out of larger wishlist platforms.

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and these are just a small sampling of the many forms love can take. Have an idea for a way technology can keep love alive? Build your own Bubble application and help spread the love — on Valentine's day and beyond.