Even for the most responsible of us, legacy planning can be daunting. But it’s important, and that’s why Spencer, Jordan, and Austin Cassidy created LifeLegacy. When the brothers lost their dad to a brain tumor at 51, they realized most people were financially unprepared for death. They also realized how vexing the process of estate planning could be. With LifeLegacy, anyone can quickly establish a legacy with a legally vetted and free last will and testament. Users can also explore nonprofits they want to support through a charitable bequest in their will, and charities can accept and activate gifts—all in one Bubble app. Currently, early users of LifeLegacy have pledged $14,300,000. The founders spoke to us about LifeLegacy, what they’ve been able to do with Bubble, and the unique ways they make legacy planning and charitable giving manageable.

Tell us about your app. What does it do?

LifeLegacy is the first platform to help individuals create a custom legacy for social good through free online wills, life insurance, charitable NFTs, and more. LifeLegacy provides donors with a platform that affordably supports nonprofits and provides tools to track those gifts. The gifts help everyday donors sustain charitable organizations.

Let’s face it: Death is life’s biggest financial event. Despite its inevitability, less than 30% of Americans under age 54 have financially planned for death. The financial industry makes legacy planning fragmented and problematic, and charities miss out on trillions of dollars of potential planned gifts. Through LifeLegacy’s giving platform, charitable organizations now have the tools to accept and activate gifts, and they can provide financially accessible giving options for more donors.

How does your app actually work?

LifeLegacy makes the process of creating (and planning) a legacy simple. In less than 15 minutes, an individual can establish a legacy with a legally vetted and free last will and testament, and they can explore nonprofits they want to support through a charitable bequest in their will. They can then protect their legacy through an instant online life insurance policy. Users can also take advantage of LifeLegacy's completely free online life-planning documents, including an advance healthcare directive and financial power of attorney. LifeLegacy is the first platform that allows users to support their favorite charities and protect their future all in one place.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

We were all working on separate projects before the loss of our father. We came together to build LifeLegacy after realizing that planned giving and financial planning should be accessible for all American households.

We knew that building a platform to host financial planning tools like wills, life insurance, and crypto using traditional code would be slow and financially punitive. When transfers of wealth began to grow more frequent, we knew we had to build our platform quickly, affordably, and with high-quality outcomes. Bubble was the answer.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

One of the major reasons LifeLegacy began using Bubble was the ease of use of the frontend design compared to traditional coding. Once we discovered the power of Bubble on the backend, we were hooked. Bubble has allowed LifeLegacy to build exponentially faster than traditional code, update our content easily, and scale the platform affordably. Our lead Bubble engineer, Brandon Stuchkus, says, “After years of learning and using traditional code to build web apps, Bubble has made me rethink the usefulness of traditional code for most projects!”

Bubble checked all of the boxes. It allowed our team at LifeLegacy to build a world-class experience on a budget, in a short amount of time. A startup's dream!

What have been your milestones for success?

Over the past year, LifeLegacy has built a suite of financial and legacy-planning products on Bubble. The products include an all-online and accelerated life insurance platform, a digital last will and testament, an advance health care directive, crypto-asset solutions, and donor tracking software. This has allowed LifeLegacy to raise a significant amount for its early seed round. In addition, LifeLegacy was recently named in Nassau Re/Imagine's 100+ Most Innovative RetireTech Companies. The team is proudest that early adopters of our planning tools have pledged over $14,300,000 to nonprofits.

What are your future plans for LifeLegacy?

LifeLegacy has enabled our community of users to protect loved ones and support the causes they care about most. In the coming months, LifeLegacy plans to launch its Crypto and NFT giving portal to meet the needs of this growing cohort of digital asset investors—a market worth more than $1 trillion. Crypto-assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, make up a growing portion of people’s estates; they also present complex challenges on how to secure, transfer, protect, and gift that wealth. Many elements of traditional estate planning are rendered obsolete in the realm of digital assets. We see this as a major opportunity to solve a problem for the growing market.

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