We spoke with Cashflo co-founders, Brian Feldkamp (CEO) and Greg Keegan (Head of Product), about building an app that helps freelancers manage their invoices and finances. Brian and Greg are non-technical founders who have used Bubble to launch previous projects. Together, they have 4 years of experience building apps on the no-code platform and were able to take Cashflo from idea to prototype in just 1 month.

What problem does your project solve?

Brian Feldkamp: Cashflo provides an affordable solution for freelancers who are looking for an easy-to-use invoicing and cash flow management tool without all of the unnecessary extras offered by other invoicing apps. While most popular invoicing tools come from accounting apps, Cashflo is a true invoicing app that offers accounting features. Our app gives clients exactly what they need from a billing and communication standpoint. The Cashflo Financial Assistant tracks users’ billing behavior and cycle times to help them avoid the dreaded "income dip"; this feature prompts users to secure new work before their existing contracts expire.

How does your app work?

When signing up for Cashflo, new users can create and send one-time and recurring invoices  to clients in a matter of minutes, as well as remind their clients to pay any unpaid invoices. Users are able to take advantage of our "fast cash" features, which allows them to send personalized and branded payment request links instead of formal invoices. Besides the invoicing and fast cash features, our users can quickly create new client profiles, view their activity in a simple dashboard, and (most notably) set simple revenue goals for themselves that will help us, as well as their virtual financial assistant, build a predictive model that keeps track of their their weekly, monthly, and yearly cash flow.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

I've founded or co-founded multiple companies, but I've always struggled to find technical co-founders. Launching new products and simply getting an MVP to market can be expensive. Frustrated by that reality, I set out to find a solution that would allow me to develop rapid prototypes to prove (or disprove) concepts with my target audience. Once I discovered Bubble and the community of no-code developers, I knew that I had discovered the solution to my number one problem as a non-technical entrepreneur.

Greg initially built Story Models, a fashion model/brand marketplace, on Bubble. In fact, he raised venture capital funds to scale the platform. Later on, he started helping other non-technical founders build and launch their startups using Bubble. He’s been a full-time Bubble coach for the past 2 years.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

After trying to outsource the development for his first startup and becoming frustrated with the process and cost, Greg stumbled upon Bubble and dedicated 3 months to learning the technology and building his project. With 4 years of experience building apps with Bubble, we were able to take Cashflo from idea to working prototype in 1 month.

What has been your traction or successes so far?

Following our launch earlier this year, we are happy to report exciting early traction with the freelance community. Many early adopters have shared extremely positive feedback and have begun sharing Cashflo with their freelance friends and colleagues. We're also in discussions with multiple conferences and platforms to make Cashflo their preferred invoicing/payment solution.

What are your future plans for your app?

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback from our early adopters, we've decided to build out a referral program, which will become a primary focus for us in the coming months. In addition to the referral program, we are working through several growth marketing strategies and B2B opportunities in order to gain more traction in the freelance community.

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