We talked to Crowdlearn’s Udana Wickramasinghe about making a virtual education app for future lecturers and students beyond academic topics. When the Crowdlearn team in Australia was looking for a software tool to actualize the idea of Crowdlearn, they found Bubble, a platform that Udana describes the functionality as "the sky's the limit."

What problem does your project solve?

Udana: We are trying to develop a student-centric digital education platform. This platform will deliver courses in different modes, including pure online, blended, etc. The platform will feature practitioners who want to lecture, not just academics. We will integrate the new features such as VR-based education into the platform.

How does your app work?

The platform has many different modules: Crowdlearn Virtuals Academy for individual lecturers, Crowdlearn for Business, ILETS Module for English Education and testing, Crowdlearn Module for institutes, etc. The platform also features a marketplace for companies to interact with education institutes to buy from them. Each area has different registration and login access.

Crowdlearn offers various courses beyond academic topics. 

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

We are a technology company called Adventa, based in Australia, with a development center in Sri Lanka. We have over 20 developers, and the team is continuously growing. As a company, we looked at many different technology solutions. Then, we discovered “no code” a few years ago and looked at many different options. When we found Bubble, we realized that Bubble is light years away from others in terms of its capability.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

Since choosing Bubble, we have completely moved to Bubble and trained our entire team on Bubble. We are pleased with the platform, and there is no limit with Bubble on creating anything.

What has been your traction or success so far?

We have developed many solutions and platforms for our customers and us in various pipelines. Development speed is around 30 to 50 times faster now. We can virtually build any feature on Bubble.

What are your future plans for your app?

Our biggest goal is taking Crowdlearn to a global level and making the platform the preferred place for education.

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About Bubble

Bubble is a leader in the no-code movement. Bubble offers a powerful point-and-click web editor and cloud hosting platform that allows users to build fully customizable web applications and workflows, ranging from simple prototypes to complex marketplaces, SaaS products, and more. Over 400,000 users are currently building and launching businesses on Bubble - many have gone on to participate in top accelerator programs, such as Y Combinator, and even raise $365M in venture funding. Bubble is more than just a product. We are a strong community of builders and entrepreneurs that are united by the belief that everyone should be able to create technology.

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