We asked LTR Now founder, Khanesia Hill Washington about building an app that helps property managers and renters share their rental experiences. Khanesia is a non-technical, active licensed real estate agent and landlord who saw a need to better a process that contributes to a renter's quality of life and ability to secure housing. She chose Bubble because the no-code platform offers learning tutorials, a simple user interface and full customizability to enable her to build a fully functioning app.

Tell us about your app and what it does.

LTR NOW helps property managers and renters share their rental experiences. This platform was created to create transparency, inclusivity and accountability in the residential rental housing community. Property managers are able to automate the sharing of rental history verification by submitting and completing a digitized form with consent from their prospective tenant, while also having  the ability to request references from current and previous tenants. Renters are able to access their rental history data with the ability to confirm or deny its accuracy, while also having the opportunity to share their experience of their previous landlord to help other renters make informed decisions.

How does your app work?

Users now have the ability to digitize and automate rental history by sharing their rental experiences on the LTR NOW platform. Property managers can choose to request rental history, complete requested rental history, and manage and store rental history with previous/ prospective tenants’ and previous landlords.

Renters can request their rental history data and complete a requested reference for a landlord. Renters can also manage, confirm or deny rental history from their previous landlords and request and share this data for roommates with their consent.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

I am an active licensed real estate agent and landlord who saw a need to better a process that contributes to a renter's quality of life and ability to secure housing and a property managers' bottom line. I am a non-technical female founder who decided to try out Bubble’s no code tools to help realize the solution I want to create. I found bubble.io by mention of other founders in online communities and decided on after researching.

Khanesia Hill, founder of LTR Now
Khanesia Hill Washington, founder of LTR Now

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

After completing the Bubble tutorials I figured why not. Embarking on creating the change I want to see I have been successful in creating a fully functioning app! While there is a learning curve to navigating and designing on  Bubble's unique platform, I am happy to say that I have achieved what I thought I could not.

What are your future plans for your app?

In the future, we hope to continue to grow, helping the rental housing community by eliminating barriers to housing, creating inclusivity in the process and contributing to a healthy rental housing ecosystem. I would recommend bubble to anyone seeking to build an app.

LTR Now Logo
LTR Now Logo

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