We asked Dream Day co-founders, Harry and Rachel Brown, about building an online wedding planner app for engaged couples in New Zealand. Dream Day provides a range of online tools so that couples can easily create their dream wedding. Harry and Rachel realized the difficulties of the wedding-planning process when they were planning their own wedding in 2018. They decided to create Dream Day to support engaged couples and wedding vendors. They chose Bubble because the no-code platform enabled them to build a web app with the complexities and functionality needed for their users. With Bubble, they were able to build exactly what they wanted.  

Tell us about your app and what it does.

Dream Day is an online wedding planner for engaged couples planning a wedding in New Zealand. We provide a range of online tools for couples to use to aid them in navigating the big challenge of creating a wedding. Our checklist, budget and day-of timeline are all designed to help couples with their planning problems and most tools come with pre-filled suggestions that help couples get started and get an idea of what's involved. They can then add and edit these to suit their plans. Couples can then use our online marketplace of vendors to find the perfect vendor to make their dream day a reality.

How does your app work?

Couples can create an account which then gives them access to their planning tools. From here they can use their planner and tools to keep record of what they have done and what they need to do as well as share certain parts with their friends, family and whoever else is part of their wedding team.

Vendors can subscribe to a tier and create their beautiful listing. This will allow them to have a 'store-front' on our marketplace where they can advertise their services to our couples and use the Dream Day system to create quotes, arrange payments and manage their booking calendar.

The marketplace is available to be used by both logged in and not logged in users. Certain features like direct messaging to vendors and leaving a review etc. is limited to couples who have a log-in (free signup).

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

My wife and I are the founders of Dream Day. We married in 2018 and during the planning process, we realised that our options were either to hire an expensive wedding planner, or do it all yourself, keeping spreadsheets and notebooks to manage everything. We also found that weddings are not something that you do all that often and so we did not know where to begin, what we needed to do or how to even begin setting a budget. After we were married, we decided that there needed to be an easier way for couples to plan their wedding, short of hiring a wedding planner to do it all for you. We also want to help promote New Zealand business and create a platform for wedding vendors in New Zealand to be able to showcase what they do, we think that if we can help them get in front of couples, they can spend more time focussing on the couples and making their weddings amazing.

Dream Day is a startup that is entirely funded by my wife and I, and when I say funded, I mean we are really bootstrapping this venture. We saved together until we had enough put away to hire a freelance developer. This developer did not scope well and after a year of delays, advised us that they were unable to complete the project. We were left out of pocket and with an unfinished project. With no money remaining, what we did have was determination. We searched for options we could take and discovered no-code. Once settling on Bubble, we have been working on creating our web app ourselves. I began from scratch on Bubble, recreating what had previously been done and abandoned by our developer. Currently we have just passed where the developer left us and have launched phase one of our MVP roll-out.

Dream Day fo-founders, Harry and Rachel Brown.
Dream Day fo-founders, Harry and Rachel Brown.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

After researching no-code, Bubble was the best for what we need. As we are building a complex web-app for end users, Bubble is our best option to be able to build the complexities and functionality needed for our users. The depth that can be created with workflows and APIs means that, with a bit of trial and error and turning to the no-code community, we have been able to pretty much build exactly what we've been imagining. There have not been too many road blocks we've come up against using Bubble that we have not been able to find a solution or a suitable workaround for.

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

Launching phase one and sunsetting the original platform that was deserted by our developer

Having our first real user sign up to our new platform and seeing them experience something we had created completely ourselves

When a user identified a bug and notified us, we tested and recreated the bug, worked out a fix and deployed an update to resolve the issue... All within a day!

Finding some amazing support, peers and I'd go as far to say a couple of friends in the no-code online community.

Feeling autonomous and having meetings as co-founders, confidently planning the next steps in our business and feeling much more in control than we ever did with a third party developer involved

What are your next steps or future plans for your app?

Finish and roll out phase 2 (vendor and marketplace) , on-board vendors to the marketplace, and create more tools for couples to make planning your dream day even easier!

Dream Day logo
Dream Day logo

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