Need an expert’s take on that nagging question? Meet Quda: a webapp built around audio Q&A’s. We spoke with Quda founder Justin about the audio platform’s innovative take on getting questions answered by specialists, and why he chose Bubble to create Quda.

Tell us about your app and what it does.

Quda is a web app built around audio Q&As and we’re currently in beta. I thought it would be cool to show what the app does by doing this interview on it. So if you’d prefer to listen rather than read please visit my Quda page.

Quda makes it really easy for people with specialist knowledge - such as scientists, educators, artists or entrepreneurs - to answer questions and share their knowledge, all in audio. We call these “creators.”. On the other side, Quda users get to ask questions and learn new things in different areas of knowledge.

Rather than it being a live Q&A session, users and creators interact asynchronously, so creators have the flexibility to answer questions whenever they like. Once the Q&As are published, they’re saved on the creator’s page for everyone to listen to.

How does your app work?

The app works first with a creator signing up and adding their picture and bio. They can then share their Quda page with their audience and invite questions. They might do that via their podcast or socials, or they can add “Ask me a question” to their Linktree, website or newsletter.

When you visit a creator’s page you can listen to their Q&As or open a Quda account to record a question. The creator has an inbox of all of the questions they’re sent and they can decide which ones they’d like to answer and when. Once they’re published you can interact by clapping, commenting or sharing the Q&A to socials.

Each page at the moment is self-contained. We’re working on adding an explore tab so that it’s easier to discover other pages you might be interested in.

If you’d like to try the app now, shoot me over any question about the build - I’d love to hear from you!

And if you're a creator already sharing content online and would like a Quda page, please get in touch at at [email protected].

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

I come from a completely non-technical, creative background and work in the entertainment industry. I’ve built Quda as a side hustle, which hasn’t always been easy!

I came across Bubble in 2020. I was still in the headspace of building a native iOS app first. I’d worked for some time with a brilliant designer Punyo Sakharet who is an absolute legend. He designed the product look and feel so that element was already done.

Then I started reading more about Bubble and I thought, maybe it would be good for getting a prototype done quickly and cheaply, so I reached out to some contacts to ask if they knew any Bubble developers. There’s an investor called Julia Lipton who’s always been tremendously generous with sharing her network and she introduced me to Garrett Scott, who is now the CEO of a very exciting startup called Pipedream.

When I met Garrett he was so encouraging about building on Bubble. He had a very inspiring mentality of, “We can do this, we can do it quickly, let’s build!“ So he immediately got going with building the database structure and the fundamentals of the app and did a fantastic job.

The build took longer than we expected - mainly down to me wanting to explore different things - and at the same time Garrett’s startup got into Techstars, so I made the decision at that point to jump in, learn Bubble myself and continue with the development.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

I had worked with another startup a few years back. They raised a healthy pre-seed round but didn’t have any product or technical people in their founding team. This meant they were overly reliant on third party dev and design teams whose business models were to fix a scope and execute that. The problem with this, I found, was you can’t easily iterate or pivot direction working with outside teams. In my experience now, having gone through a lot of building on Bubble, the flexibility to explore your design and feature set - to tinker as you’re developing - is a huge asset in coming up with a better product.

The magic moment for me was when I sorted the tech out to play questions and answers back to back. It was such a rewarding feeling, as a non coder, to be able to execute the product vision I had on Bubble.

What have been your milestones or successes so far?

I see the main success as getting this built and out in beta. I did everything backwards according to conventional start up wisdom - I started with branding and design of an app with a ridiculous amount of features. I had to face reality and cut the feature list aggressively back to the core idea, which was Q&A in audio. It's been a long haul as a side hustle so I’m proud to get this out and onto the next phase, which is getting our first users on and learning what is and isn’t working. Then the next milestone is marketing the app and getting more creators on the platform to interact with their fans through audio Q&As.

What are your future plans for your app?

The vision for Quda is to encourage curiosity and learning through audio. I really like the notion of it evolving into a crowd-interviewing platform for knowledge-creators. Over the longer term we want to build great discovery tools so that you can find new thinkers and educators personalized to your interests.

At the moment we’re trialling charging a ticket price for access to a page as some creators have asked if they can monetize their Q&As. I’m excited about this because I think Q&As can open up a new income stream for creators, such as academics, that have a lot of specialist knowledge to share.

The other area we’re very excited about is kids’ educational content. We’ve done a lot of fun testing with kids asking educators questions and it’s worked really well.

The last thing is I’d love to expand the team, meet new people that are interested in what we’re doing and who love the product. If that’s you please reach out at [email protected]

Learn more about Quda: Instagram | Twitter | Website

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