We spoke with Partnerprograms founder, Alex Glenn, about building an app that helps agencies and technology companies build partnerships. Alex has worked in tech product marketing and as a curator of agency communities. He decided to build his app on Bubble, as opposed to traditional frameworks like Ruby and React, because the no-code platform gave him the ability to build his app quickly, in just 30 days.

What problem does your project solve?

Alex Glenn: Partnerprograms bridges the gap between agencies and technology providers, and we refer to both sides as “partners.” In order to create ideal “partnerships,” we first vet each program’s ability and interest in working closely with potential partners. After that, we showcase how the solution supports agency services and MRR growth. Finally, we help agencies connect with, and learn, the services that each vetted program provides to clients. Our platform and community are available for any agency to use free of charge, and tech companies interested in learning more can book a time with Alex when they're ready to learn more.

How does your app work?

There are two sides to our marketplace app. On one side, our technology providers can create a profile and join as one of our top tech partners. The second side of the marketplace is run by agencies, who can create a profile, shop the directory for vetted partners, and more. As soon as agencies are ready to connect with a partner, our team jumps in to ensure that the relationship not only forms but flourishes. One thing that is unique about our app setup is that we run a proxy server, which allows us to show a Wordpress blog on a subdirectory.

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

My background is in tech product marketing, first as a B2B marketing agency owner/operator, then as a VP of Marketing for a couple of marketplaces and SaaS products. Following those marketing experiences, I worked as a curator of agency communities, and finally as founder of Partnerprograms. I have always used strategic partnerships in growth strategy. In fact, I believe that the non-compensatory value in relationship building is absolutely crucial, so Partnerprograms was the perfect next phase for my career. Now, my job is to find the best solutions for agencies to build services around, and app development is a part of that. I discovered Bubble in my category research, and prepped the new marketplace app project as soon as I saw the no-code platform’s potential.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

Although I appreciate and understand why some tech companies require custom coding and development on frameworks like Ruby, React, or Laravel, my team and I need to move quickly. Unlike big companies, we do not have the time to get bogged down by recruiting coders, finding a CTO to manage the stack, or seeking VC funds to pay for that endeavor. We were able to build what we needed in 30 days for under $2500 using Bubble and a freelancer. So, in short, we chose Bubble for speed, control, and all-in-costs costs.

What has been your traction or successes so far?

Everyone is thrilled with the way the app turned out, including our marketplace and advisors. We have had higher conversion rates to signup, and our new website places us in a more professional light than was possible with our last one. But this is just the beginning: our Bubble app equips us with the power to add even more resources and features to the user dashboards so that we can continue enhancing the user experience.

What are your future plans for your app?

We aim to be the first and last stop for partner teams and agencies looking to work closely with technology. Looking ahead, our roadmap includes category filters, programmatic matchmaking, integrating coursework into the user dashboards… and much more content

Learn more about Partner Programs: LinkedIn | Community

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