We spoke to Pre-Eligibility's Dalip Sethi about building an online home loan self-assessment tool for both customers and service providers. When the Pre-Eligibility team was looking for a developer to actualize the concept, they found Bubble. They said Bubble "instills in us the confidence and pride of being able to build a web app on our own from ground zero."

Tell us about your app and what it does.

Getting a loan is a tedious task around the world. Our app, Pre-Eligibility, focuses on making this process easier by providing a self-assessment tool to customers. Our in-built customizable evaluation matrix allows a customer to check their eligibility instantly without approaching a bank or financial institution.

Moreover, the platform allows the customer to connect with Service Providers such as experts, agents, and brokers, who will engage in facilitating the loan process. For Service Provider, it also acts as an on-the-go platform to perform instant calculation, make a customized report, and keep records of prospective/existing customers.

How does your app work?

  • Customers can sign up by providing demographic and self-declared financing information.
  • The platform performs the real-time calculation based on pre-built criteria and throw the eligibility or outcome to the customer
  • Customer can run simulations by changing the demographic/financial details and generate a personalized report
  • Customer can search the service provider/agent and connect via a click of button
Pre-Eligibility customers can see the real-time calculations and various options for their home loans.

For Service Providers (Partners):

  • Partners can sign up by providing demographic, experience details
  • Partners can view the prospective customer's eligibility details
  • Partners can send offers and interests to a customer
  • Partners can perform an instant calculation to offer customized solution to both online and office customers
Partners can easily send customized proposals to the customers.

Tell us about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

We wanted to give life to our start-up idea and were looking for a developer to help build it. We came across the no-code platform during our search. We introduced to No-Code Technology via bootcamp conducted via TRYnoCODE and post that mentoring and ongoing support by them. Today we are felt proud to say our choice to learn bubble technology has paid off.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

Bubble is an extremely useful platform with amazing features and good support. There isn’t anything which can’t be built on Bubble. Moreover, it instills in us the confidence and pride of being able to build a web app on our own from ground zero.

Animisha Dalal is the Lead Web Developer, and Jyotika Tehlan is the Lead Web Designer at Pre-Eligibility.

What have been your milestones and successes so far?

We have launched the beta version in July 2020, and in two months, we have received positive feedback from both customers and partners. We have successfully onboarded partners, and 100+ customers have used the platform for checking their loan eligibility.

What are your future plans for your app?

We plan on bringing lots of new features for both customers and partners to ensure the users get the best experience from this app.

Learn more about Pre-Eligibility: Website | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

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