We spoke with StringTheories founder, Alex Cooney, about building an app that helps connect guitar students with instructors. Alex worked in finance for over 3 years before deciding that he wanted to build something. After attempting to build his site using a more traditional CMS platform, he elected to build his app with Bubble, a more comprehensive no-code platform that enabled him to bring his vision to life.

Tell us about your app and what it does.

Alex Cooney: StringTheories is an online marketplace for guitar tutors. We allow people looking for guitar lessons in Dublin, Ireland to quickly compare a range of tutors. The lessons take place in-person or online.

How does your app work?

Users can begin by browsing our list of guitar tutors. They can filter tutors by price and lesson type. Once they find a tutor that suits their needs, the user can send the tutor a message and arrange a lesson. Payment for the first lesson is then made via the app.

StringTheories allows users to compare different tutors and filter by categories such as acoustic and electric. 

Tell us a little about your background and how you discovered no-code tools like Bubble.

I knew nothing about coding or web development before I launched StringTheories. I worked in finance for 3.5 years after college before deciding that I wanted to build something. Initially I was using WordPress, but then I pivoted to Bubble after hearing about the no-code platform from a friend. I think it's much, much,  better fit for my  marketplace business.

Why did you build your app on Bubble?

Flexibility! There are WordPress templates that may have done the trick, but having the ability to customize Bubble apps puts it streets ahead of WordPress's CMS model. Bubble also offers  a great community of helpful app-makers. I've inundated the forum with questions more often than I care to admit! :)

What have been your successes or milestones so far?

It was such a cool feeling facilitating that first lesson, between two people I had never met. StringTheories has now been responsible for arranging 20 guitar lessons across Ireland, from east coast to west.  

What are your next steps or future plans for your app?

I plan to expand into providing lessons for other instruments, and perhaps offering lessons to a more international audience.

Learn more about StringTheories: Instagram | Facebook

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