Meet Kelly Bojic — she’s spending the summer between her two years in Harvard Business School’s MBA program as an intern here at Bubble. She’s on the marketing team, focusing on growing our agency partnership program.

We sat down with Kelly to ask about her journey to Bubble and what the internship has been like for her so far.

How did you land here at Bubble?

My business school’s tech club held a “trek” to NYC, where we got the chance to visit a bunch of tech companies in the area, including Bubble. Co-CEO Emmanuel Straschnov and VP of Product Allen Yang hosted some of the students in the Bubble office and gave us an overview of the company’s history. Emmanuel talked about his experiences as a co-founder, and they covered some of the priorities and exciting next steps for the company. I was familiar with no-code from my previous job and felt the energy around Bubble, so I followed up with Emmanuel after the visit and asked where I could help this summer.

What was the internship interview experience like?

I had a conversation with Bubble’s VP of marketing, Tatiana Afanasyeva, to discuss key initiatives the team is pursuing to drive Bubble's growth and devise my summer project to help the cause. I was genuinely drawn to these initiatives and found that the associated projects aligned well with my existing skill set, while also offering opportunities for personal growth and development in new areas. Tatiana was super excited for me to craft a project that aligned with my professional and personal goals for the summer, too.

Has anything about Bubble surprised you?

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of collaboration that happens across different teams. It's really cool to see how closely marketing, product management, engineering, sales, and the other teams work together to achieve shared objectives. It’s given me the opportunity to dive even deeper into Bubble's inner workings and expand my knowledge about the business.

What are some challenges you or your team face?

We certainly have an exciting array of projects that keep us busy and energized! One challenge is prioritizing these initiatives and finding resources to execute on them. However, we approach these challenges with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude, and the team does a great job working together to deliver outstanding results.

Personally, I feel constrained by the 10-week duration of my internship when I have so many things I want to help the team with! But I’m also excited by the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the business during my time with Bubble. It's so fulfilling to work on a project that has the potential to bring positive change and have an impact even after my time here is over. It motivates me to give my best.

Which of Bubble’s values resonates with you the most?

Empowerment. I've been amazed to see how Bubble encourages its employees to take initiative, drive meaningful results, and make a real impact on the business. It's been inspiring to witness new interns and full-time employees all hit the ground running since I’ve been here, feeling empowered to contribute their skills and ideas.

What three words would you use to describe Bubble’s culture?

Innovative, collaborative, rewarding.

Last question: What’s been your favorite summer activity in NYC?

I love spending time on the weekends at McCarren Park in Williamsburg playing spikeball with friends. It’s also a nice way to meet new people, since those friends often bring others along to join the game. On my way home from the park, I usually stop at Martha’s Country Bakery — it's hard to resist their delicious baked goods in the evening.