L2L’s smart factory platform is created for innovative manufacturers who are looking for ways to digitize their operations and maximize performance. It’s the only software that provides the visibility, priority, and structure enabling manufacturing employees to solve factory floor problems in real-time. And now, L2L’s Studio plugin for Bubble's no-code platform continues that tradition of innovation by enabling no-code app creation to empower frontline workers around the world.

With the L2L Studio Plugin, L2L’s 175,000 users are now able to create customized micro experiences for their frontline workforces, combining the best of L2L’s data platform and the streamlined utility of mobile applications on the shop floor. Managers and IT departments can support their workers with productivity-enhancing apps that make jobs easier - a winning strategy for all manufacturers.  

L2L mobile app.

While L2L’s customers can create any app that they can imagine to address frontline worker needs, L2L is also providing several template apps to help them get started:

  • Safety incident reporting app that enables all employees to easily report safety concerns (sample app above).
  • Inventory Control/Audit app to speed up spare parts or production inventory counts.
  • Quick Dispatch to shorten response time to downtime incidents.
  • Line Status App showing bottlenecks and their causes in real time.

Customers can use these templated apps “out of the box” or customize them to meet their own specific needs. Customers can also start from scratch to develop unique apps that address their own shop floor challenges.

The addition of the L2L Studio plugin available on Bubble’s marketplace shows L2L’s commitment to enhancing the experience of frontline workers in today’s smart manufacturing facilities. To learn more about L2L Studio visit their website.