In case you missed it: Bubble pros can now take the recently launched Bubble Developer Certification — you might’ve even read about the exam and how to prepare for it on our blog, or maybe you saw one of our first 100+ Bubble-Certified Developers share their news on the forum or LinkedIn. But did you know there’s a small team of international, expert volunteers that helps the Bubble team make the certification even better? 

Meet Emilio, Lorène, Sarah, and Johnny — the members of our Certification Advisory Council (CAC).

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Emilio López Romo

Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Arcus

Mexico City, Mexico

A headshot of Emilio López Romo

Emilio leads the architecture team at Arcus, overseeing the evolution of a client’s business idea to platform development, as well as designing integrations and automations for each of the projects the no-code agency takes on. For the last eight years, he's been involved in no-code projects in more than 30 different industries, distilling that knowledge and experience into the implementation methodology that's currently used at Arcus.

“I've spent the last decade learning about no-code, but more importantly, learning from mistakes committed while experimenting and trying to find the best way to achieve an objective,” Emilio shares. “Joining the CAC is a way for me to help me pave the way for future no-code devs so they can gain the experience without having to make the [same] mistakes.”

Emilio stresses that being involved in the certification is a great way to “analyze our current team’s strengths and weaknesses, so we can improve.” Reflecting on what makes the exam unique, Emilio says, “The certification doesn't just focus on questions regarding Bubble, but also on general development experience.”

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Lorène Bergougnoux

Freelance Bubble Developer

Île-de-France, France

A headshot of Lorène Bergougnoux

An IT engineer by trade, Lorène has long held a passion for software design and developed a personal interest in Bubble development about two years ago. Her interest led her to Ottho, an online training center for no-code tools in France, where she grew her Bubble skills and decided to embrace the no-code way. Now freelancing as a Bubble Developer full-time, Lorène’s mission is to make tech and entrepreneurship more accessible, particularly for women. 

“Having worked on Bubble for several years, it is an honor and almost a duty for me to help in this process, “ she shares. “The [Bubble] community is a very important part of the ecosystem, and it's a privilege to have this role and be able to respond to everyone's questions and concerns.”

Lorène believes the certification “represents the professionalization” of no-code that “will help regulate the market and give confidence to clients and companies.” Additionally, she appreciates that “certification allows everyone to gauge their position in comparison to others.”

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Sarah Esteve

Freelance Bubble Developer

Montpellier, France

A headshot of Sarah Esteve

Before discovering Bubble, Sarah was no stranger to tech and entrepreneurship — in fact, she had founded multiple startups over the years. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Sarah found herself tinkering with no-code and soon shifted her entire career into freelance Bubble development. Today, Sarah builds user-friendly apps for small businesses and startups.

For Sarah, the official Bubble Developer Certification represents “an opportunity for advanced Bubble Developers to highlight their capabilities.” 

“What's even more special is that my son, who began his [own] journey in Bubble development at 18, now follows in my footsteps, adding a family touch to our tech innovation legacy.”

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Johnny Lin

Executive Director, OperationSTART and student at UC Berkeley 

San Francisco, California 

As an Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences student at UC Berkeley, Johnny sees and believes in the power of no-code to democratize app development. Outside of school, he serves as the co-founder and executive director of OperationSTART as well as a development associate at Mission Bit — two local organizations focused on bridging the technical divide for underserved students. With no-code platforms like Bubble, creating software solutions becomes more accessible to all, no matter their technical background.

“The launch of the Bubble Developer Certification means a lot to me,” Johnny says. While it’s a validation of his own Bubble prowess, it's also “a great way for Bubble Developers to show their skills and expertise to potential employers and clients.”

“I believe that [certification] will be a valuable resource for the Bubble community and will help to further the adoption of Bubble as a platform for building professional-grade apps.”

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If you’re a Bubble-Certified Developer and would like to learn more about serving on a future cohort of the Certification Advisory Council, send us a note.